Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunday School on Friday – Noah’s Ark

I have found that M seems to gain more from our Bible story times when we do activities and talk about the story a little bit before actually reading the story from one his children’s Bibles.

So, on Thursday I let him watch a short (3 minutes) video about Noah’s Ark on his Read And Share Toddler Bible DVD. He really enjoyed this.

There are so many inspiring ideas online for a Noah’s Ark theme. We almost weren’t able to fit everything in!

Friday morning when he woke up, this was waiting for him:

august 2009 004

The printout is from Making Learning Fun (a fantastic site, by the way).

M got right to work:

august 2009 005

Later we talked about all the colors of the rainbow as we did a little color mixing:

august 2009 010

Next we had fun playing “Sink or Float?” in our kitchen sink:

august 2009 022

M came up with some pretty interesting things to drop in. :) We made a little boat with a sponge, straw, and foam sail, and tried to see what we could carry on it and what would make it sink.

august 2009 025

We talked about the ark and how God kept Noah, his family, and the animals safe on it.

I found these story cards on Sparklebox (another fantastic site!). M has never done sequencing with story cards before, and I wasn’t sure he was ready for that challenge, so I simply told him the story with the cards, and then we did it a second time while he told the story (with me giving some prompts).

august 2009 026

I made up some game mats by printing this template out on colored construction paper, and we played an animal matching game. The game we used is one we’ve had for a while, but as we found matches, we got to put our animal couples on our arks. Whoever had the most animals on his/her ark won. :) Very simple, I know, and it was really unnecessary to print out ark game mats, but simple things can make a difference. M felt like it was a brand new game. And he won. ;)

august 2009 028

We didn’t end up actually reading the story about Noah and the Ark from M’s Bible until bedtime that evening!

I had a craft planned, but we just didn’t get to it. However, I do still plan to do it with M, and I’ll create a separate post for it. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I like your Bible activities - they can be easily used by non-religious folks like us. We did a similar "sink-or-swim" experiment with Anna, and she really enjoyed it as well. And Making Learning Fun is positively one of my most favorite sites - it has so many fun activities on so many themes. I love it.

  2. thanks for all those links! we will definately be making use of them :) :)


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