Monday, May 20, 2013

Blogging again... probably, maybe... well, I hope so anyway

Hello dear, dear friends!

Life is beginning to settle into a somewhat predictable routine (hooray!), and I'm contemplating blogging again.  I say "contemplating" because if I make it sound like it is a for sure thing the gods will make all of us sick or strike us with some sort of catastrophe just to make it impossible for me to actually keep my word.

Homeschooling has been wonderful!  It was a hard year in many, many ways, but homeschooling was a bright point for all of us and turned out to be a much more positive experience than I'd even hoped.  We will try it again next year (double hooray!).

Baby Joseph is growing, Matthew is growing, and even I am growing... and after much thought I've decided to start a different blog.  I'm not transferring anything from Tired, Need Sleep over to the new blog, but I will leave it up here for those of you who enjoy using the printables.  In fact, if I make any more printables, I will most likely post them here and/or on my Learning by Heart site.  I want the new blog to be more about us and less about ideas/projects in my head... more of a journal, I guess.  Something the grandmas can read without thinking I'm crazy.  Something more about the positive side of homeschooling than what I've written here (which was a lot of defensiveness of my desire to homeschool, I know).  It will be a little bit of everything, I think.  I'm sure to ramble, so prepare yourselves.  If you'd like to join me there, please go sign up on the right sidebar!  Not many posts are up yet, but I'd love to read some comments!

Happy, beautiful spring to all of you!



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