Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Free EBook over at Homeschool Classroom!

The Homeschool Classroom is giving away a free ebook for everyone who "likes" The Homeschool Classroom Facebook page! 

This is an excellent ebook if I do say so myself (I am one of the contributing writers, hee hee). ;)

Please note: There is a limit of 100 downloads per day. So, if you go to download and the quota has been met, try again the next day.

You will find complete instructions for how to get your ebook here.  Enjoy!!

On another note, I'm really no closer to being back to regular posting than I was when I last posted (try saying that 3 times quickly).  And... I'm realizing that since the beginning of this year my  heart has not really been into my writing here.  I'm not sure what that means for future writing, but I guess I've got time to figure it all out... I will need a new laptop anyway before and if I begin regular posts again.  I refuse to take twice the time to post than is really necessary just because my pc is old and very, very slooooooow.  So, I'm taking advantage of all this free time to work on a few projects, some of which were mentioned in my New Year's post many months ago.  I just thought an update would be nice, even though it's just an "I don't know anything" kind of update. ;)  Thanks to those of you who have emailed me recently.  It's so nice to know I'm not completely forgotten. :)

Take care, and have a beautiful day! :)


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