Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Open Ended Art – Yellow and Crayons Theme

The theme over at Teaching My Little Bookworm for open ended art this week is yellow and crayons. Check out more artwork here.

One morning this week I set up a piece of newsprint and crayons for M.

august 2009 008

Have you ever seen these crayons? They are made by Elmer – the same company that makes the glue – and they are called Color Slicks.

They are so much more vibrant than regular crayons, and they remind me a little bit of oil pastels. We haven’t had them out much lately, and we have been coloring with regular crayons a lot, so I decided these would be more fun for his special theme artwork.

He loves these, but apparently he loves the yellow one least. :) I had to encourage him to use that one, and he made a yellow “tunnel” with it, then went back to the other colors. august 2009 011

I gave him some cotton balls to see if he could smudge the colors, and it worked.

august 2009 012

He wasn’t crazy about the effect though – I think he didn’t understand.

Here’s his finished artwork:

august 2009 013

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I haven't seen those crayons but they sound neat!

  2. Great idea to do the smudging.

  3. Nice!!! Lot's good ideas here. ;) Thank you for sharing.
    I'm your follower.

  4. Those crayons do look like a lot of fun. I love the bright color that is makes!

  5. I am going to have to search for thoose :)

  6. These are some cool crayons--I've never seen them.

    I love his picture! He did a super job and looks like he had fun too!

  7. Interesting crayons, I've never seen them. Sorry that M didn't enjoy it as much as other projects, but the end result is still nice.

  8. those crayons are gorgeous!! :) thanks for sharing ur discovery

  9. I love how vibrant the colors are! So colorful and they look like fun too! His picture came out great! *Ü*


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