Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Open Ended Art – Mixed Mediums

The theme for Open Ended Art this week is Mixed Mediums… check out the other artwork here!

This turned out to be a really easy art project for us… because I didn’t have to do anything!  One day recently when M was home alone with Daddy, he made this:

august 2009 032

Look very closely and you can see one yellow line on the left.  It qualifies! :) 

Apparently M did this completely on his own.  I had some construction paper out and he picked a green piece and put it on his easel.  Then he got a cup of water from the bathroom sink (where was his dad? That’s what I want to know!), and dipped chalk in it then drew on the paper.  As a finishing touch, he added stickers.

So, colored paper, water, chalk, stickers… you can’t get much more mixed than that! :)  Here’s a close up:

august 2009 035

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I love it when they do it on there own!

  2. I like it too when I don't have to be right there the whole time either cleaning things up, getting things out or supervising. Good for you this week:-)!

  3. What I LOVE about open ended art is that I am hardly involved. Usually I'll get some cleaning done while they are creating.

  4. This is so-so neat! Not only he did it all by himself, but he executed planning and used unusual (at least in our house) painting methods. Way to go, Matthew!

  5. wow that is great! he self directed his own art project and what a great job! :)


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