Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Art Time! Roller Shapes Painting

august 2009 042

I found the inspiration for this art project in a post that Michelle wrote at her blog.  (She and Emily did something similar to this with chenille pipe cleaners glued to cardboard tubes.)

Here’s what you need:

august 2009 032

  • Cardboard paper towel tube
  • Fun foam shape stickers
  • paint in colors of child’s choice
  • paper to paint on
  • paper, paint tray, plastic cutting board, or *something* similar to roll the paint out on.  We used newsprint, but in the future I will use our plastic cutting board because paint just soaked into our newsprint and I felt like we wasted quite a bit.  You could use a smooth sheet of aluminum foil too!

Begin by peeling the backing off the stickers and let your little one put them on the cardboard tube wherever they want to.  Make sure they get stuck on firmly; they have a tendency to peel up at the corners.

Put your paint in “globs” on whatever you are going to roll it out on.  At first we were going to use a plate, but quickly saw that wouldn’t work, so we painted the paint from the plate onto our newsprint and spread it out a little with paintbrushes.  I didn’t get a good picture of this, but you can see it in the picture below.

Roll your tube through the paint a few times, then put it on your paper and roll it out:

august 2009 035

Keep doing this until you are happy with your art.  If you are so happy doing it that you want your mama to tear off 2 more sheets of freezer paper for you to paint on, then so be it. ;) 

M made 3 beautiful shape paintings. Here’s #2:august 2009 043

(The # 3 painting became a little murky and then the hands got involved, and then there were really no shapes to photograph, so it didn’t make the cut for this post. :)  )

And, when he was at the sink cleaning up, he said, “I really loved painting today, Mommy!!”  And that made my heart swell

Have a beautiful day! :)

P.S. I am so pleased that ABC and 123 featured one of M’s favorite craft projects ever!  His cute Summer Sunshine.  I’m excited because every kid that sees it in our home wants to make one too (must be the handprints!), and I’m so glad to be able to share it!


  1. Brilliant! I love the idea too. Maybe that's what I will try for the next printing project :)


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