Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tot School!

Tot School

M is 35 months old.

Whew, what a busy week! I’m having a hard time weeding out tot school photos, because I have about 30 of them! Here are the ones showing the most fun…

We played a game of “what’s different? / What’s the same?” with his toy cars one day. I’d put 3 of them together (2 vans and 1 racecar, or 2 blue cars and 1 red car), and he’d have to figure out which one was different and why the other 2 were the same. The tongs were his idea, not mine. :)

august 2009 005 august 2009 007

He did his name puzzles with milk jug lids. I finally got around to making ones that say “Mommy” and “Daddy” for him. He just loves these:

august 2009 009

Pattern blocks and pattern cards:

august 2009 014

He asked to do something with “baby” letters (lowercase), which had me very excited, because he hasn’t shown much interest in them, and has been a little confused. Calling them mama letters and baby letters has helped, silly as it seems. So, we grabbed his ABC poster (Dollar Tree), and his See and Spell letters, and matched them up. He did great with this:

baby letter game

Then we lined them up and sang the ABC song a couple of times. He thought it was neat that we could do that, I guess we’ve never done it before.

august 2009 015

Then we got out the See and Spell boards and worked on them for a while.

august 2009 016

Here’s an ABC uppercase and lowercase matching file folder game we did. We only did the first half of the alphabet and then he was ready to quit. You can find this here.

august 2009 038

We did his favorite truck puzzle cards (Dollar Tree again!):

august 2009 017

We bought some $1.00 animal flashcards from Target (2 sets) and used them for a matching game. I loved the pictures on these, and went back to buy the insect and American animals ones.

august 2009 037

More matching – this time with his toy cars and a color wheel:

august 2009 047

It quickly turned into a parking lot. :)

august 2009 048

We played with our Target dollar spot marble run:

august 2009 051

Sticker book:

august 2009 033

We matched up ladybug designs on the flannel board:

august 2009 062

Outside time – getting treasures out of a giant ice cube:

august 2009 069

Blowing lots of bubbles right in Mommy’s face:

august 2009 072

And playing with his new sand/water toy:

august 2009 030

Whew! Hope you had a busy and FUN Tot School week too!!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. So many amazing things, I can't think of just a couple to comment on!! You have such great ideas and have a love of dollar spots/stores like I do. Ha! I love the work you and M have done with letters, both mama and baby ones. :) And, I'm totally making a sticker book like yours today; I just have to make a quick Target run. Hehehe. :) Great week!!

  2. Fun week! I love the "what's different" with the cars. I need to do something more hands on like that instead of pictures. I think it is a GREAT idea that he wanted to use tongs. =)

  3. Fantastic Ideas! You are so creative. I love how you incorporated all of the cars into your learning.

    Also, Target should hire you as a spokeswoman! Reading your blog made me want to run to Target to see what they had in the dollar section!

    Thanks VERY much for posting!
    Cathy aka The Attached Mama

  4. love the tongs activity at the beginning.
    Your Target dollar section has much better stuff than mine, I must say.

  5. What a great week. I love the mama and baby letters, and will have to remember that when my M is a little older. The "what's different" using his toys was a great idea as well. You did so many fun things!

  6. So many great activities! I definitely need to do some of these with R-Man! I also, apparently, really need to go to the dollar section at Target- all you mamas find the coolest stuff there!

  7. Wow, you always have such great ideas! You got that marble run in the dollar section?! Wow! Today i worked on uppercase and lowercase letters too (matching them) and my son also got sick of it halfway through ;)

  8. What a great week! I love all the "dollar" finds--especially the animal flashcards--well worth $2.oo for a beautiful matching game.

  9. Did you make the ABC uppercase lowercase file folder game from an online download? If so, could you please share where you got it? Thanks!!

  10. Mama Jenn,

    I did create the file folder game pictured from an online download. However, I made it about a year ago and can't find a record of where I found it. I looked around when I wrote this post because I normally like to leave a link for something like this. I'll continue to search for it and if I find it I will edit this post with the info and send you an email. Thanks for visiting!

  11. Awesome week! I really enjoy reading your blog, because you perfected the way of teaching through playing - I am positively jealous :)

  12. I really need to get to target! I enjoyed all your and your little one had a great week!

  13. I love the same and different game with tongs! And that you used cars - why have I never thought of that? The perfect way to engage a boy! And the cars with the color wheel are great. We have the pattern cards and love them.


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