Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Little Wisdom from some Wonderful Women

(Ah, I love a little alliteration!)

In my post earlier today, I meant to include some links to other blogs that have given me food for thought over the past couple of weeks, as I tried to come up with the right words for what I wanted to say.

However, at the time I couldn’t find all the links, so I published the post without them.  It is *Thursday Thinking* after all, and it would just be weird to post it tomorrow.  I only get one day a week when I really get to think about things, you know. ;)  That is actually more true than you think.

Here are the links I wanted to share with you – each one is a good read, and I think these women have some real wisdom to share.  Enjoy!

A post about our duties by Jen at Conversion Diary

A post about being prepared for the day as a mother of small children by Amanda at Taking Off My Shoes

And a hilarious yet insightful post about motherhood by Organizing Mommy at Organized Everyday

By the way, I’m putting this in a new post because I just can’t stand the way a post will show up in my Google Reader 5 times because it keeps getting edited.  So annoying!

Have a beautiful day!

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