Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Book Review – Read and Share Toddler Bible by Gwen Ellis, Illustrated by Steve Smallman

Let me say right away, I highly recommend this Bible if you have small children who are young toddlers to pre-school age.
The illustrations are colorful and very well done; I especially like the facial expressions, which could easily tell the stories by themselves!
The stories are kept short and are written in very toddler-friendly language. While they are simple, they are still biblically accurate. This book holds my son’s attention, and helps carry the messages of the Bible stories home to him. We will definitely be using this book for some of our Sunday School on Fridays posts!
For a closer look, check out this great little flip book!
A one hour DVD comes with this Bible and it is perfect for a toddler. The pace is just right, the narration is spoken clearly (so important for a young child), and the animation is fun to watch. M was captivated by the story about Noah’s Ark, and would have happily watched the entire DVD!
I love several things about this Bible, and at the top of the list are the activity suggestions written at the end of each story. As you know, I love finding ways to help M internalize Bible stories and remember them. This book is full of inspiring ideas to help me do just that!
All in all, we greatly enjoy reading this Bible together; it is a wonderful addition to our bookshelves!


  1. Did we time our reviews of this just perfectly or what?! We love that book & DVD and just posted our review today, too...

  2. I was thinking that maybe I was just going crazy and rereading blogs. I subsribe to yours and Mozi. Ha ha.

    Thanks for the review!


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