Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What are these?

We went to the Dollar Tree yesterday (I could spend all day in that store), and found these:

august 2009 053

I thought they were tiny little tops to spin.  I still think they must be meant for spinning, but they are pretty much FLAT on the bottoms and don’t spin like I thought they would.  They have tiny little peg handles on the tops, and I would turn them upside down and spin them on that, except the bottoms are just plain yellow, no design, so obviously that wouldn’t be much fun. 

I know a lot of you love the Dollar Tree as much as I do, so I’m wondering if any of you have bought these, and if so, what do you do with them?? 

Or, any suggestions, even if you don’t have these, would be very welcome!!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I just wanted to say I love your blog! I gave you a blog award over on my site.

  2. I have no clue - but maybe it's something for crafts? Are there holes in the peg handles? Maybe you can use them for memory games by turning them over :)

  3. ummm... how about a matching game?


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