Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Imagination at Work

Every month we get an issue of High Five, a preschool version of Highlights magazine.  The subscription was a gift from Matthew’s grandma, and he LOVES it.  Every issue has a page with a picture of something to build using blocks or every day items at home. 

Here’s the picture from our current issue:

august 2009 007

It’s an apartment building, built with blocks and empty cereal boxes.

And here’s what has been standing in our living room floor since Friday night:

august 2009 008

I really should’ve taken a picture of M playing with it and setting it up, because he was really into it.  Seriously into it.

We got these little crate-style containers at Dollar Tree a year ago and we keep M’s little cars, musical instruments, and a train set in them.  Well, apparently we did keep those things in them, but now they are just lying in heaps on the floor.  Because he needed an apartment building.  :) 

Really he treats it more as a house; I’m not sure he really knows what an apartment building is.  There’s a garage to the side made from blocks, and the book in the front is the sidewalk (couldn’t you tell?).

And, yes, some of the people living in the apartments are figures from M’s nativity set that he has refused to let us put away since last Christmas.  He plays with them like they are action figures, lol.  If you look closely you’ll see Mary on the rooftop and baby Jesus in the middle square, hee hee. :)

I thought it was such a great idea, and works so well.  You can’t beat a play house/apartment building for $3.00!  And believe me, I’m not upset at all that I need to go back to the Dollar Tree to buy more containers for the toys that were evicted!! 

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. That's a great idea! I must try it with Sophie! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. That magazine is on my list of magazines to subscribe to for the kids. My others: My Big Backyard, and National Geographic for Little Kids.

  3. Ooh, thanks for this wonderful idea! It's definitely something to try, only our crates come from IKEA and therefore rather big. I am curious - did he come with an idea to put the crates together while looking at Highlights magazine picture, or did you show him how to do it?

  4. He wanted some cereal boxes like in the picture in the magazine. We didn't have any lying around so we started looking for something else to use. I don't remember if it was he or I that decided to use the crates, but I definitely had to help him put them up because they have to fit into each other just right. However, he did all the decorating and people-placement by himself and had a really fun time doing it!


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