Monday, August 24, 2009

Craft Time – Rainbows Galore - #2

august 2009 039
Because the Gluey-Jello rainbow turned out like it did, we did another rainbow craft.
I gave M a piece of white cardstock and this rainbow painter we found at a discount store ages ago and have never used:
august 2009 009
He didn’t really paint in a rainbow shape, but I didn’t necessarily intend for him to. I just wanted the whole paper covered with rainbow colors.
august 2009 012
I also had him put his hands together like this (to make a dove) and drew around them on a light beige piece of cardstock:
august 2009 014 (Oh, how I love those chubby little hands!)
Then we mixed white glue and very fine silver glitter together on a saucer:
august 2009 015
He painted the birdie:
august 2009 016
I wish you could see how sparkly it turned out. I have had great results mixing glitter with paint (or even just plain white glue) to achieve a sparkly effect. The key, though, is to use the finest glitter you can find. It’s way less messy than letting them sprinkle the glitter on.
Once the rainbow paper was dry, I drew a rainbow shape on the back and cut it out:
august 2009 028 Glue the dove onto the top and you’ve got a pretty little reminder of the story about Noah’s Ark.
august 2009 029Nope, I didn’t make him hold it front of his face, that’s just what he did.
Here’s a close up of the sparkly dove:
august 2009 033 It turned out very pretty – the pictures don’t do it justice.
Have a beautiful, sparkly day! :)


  1. I love this!! And, I've really been itching to do more Bible-based activities and I think you've provided me with a great start (so thank you!!). Love it!

  2. How very pretty! I should be on the lookout for fine glue to do projects like this. You are so very creative!


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