Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yet another Bob the Builder activity…

imageI can practically hear everyone jumping up and down with excitement about this (that's me being sarcastic). ;) Well, M is loving these and so I keep going; he thinks his mommy is pretty cool right now, ha! Little does he know the really cool mommies have better things to do with their time. However, I do think this is the last one for a while. He may never get tired of Bob and his millions of work trucks, but I am. Just a little!

Anyway, let me show you the new *Bob the Builder – Counting and Comparing Flip Book*…
We had a little apple unit early in fall and one of the items we used was an apple counting book that I printed from Childcareland. M loved it! So, I used that idea and took it one step further by making this one into a split flip book. You can flip either side of the book, and then compare the amount of trucks. We’ll use this to talk about “more” and “less”.

The cover:blog pics 023
The inside:blog pics 028
The trucks are laminated and attach to the pages with velcro dots. I’ve placed the correct number of velcro dots on each page as an added help with counting and developing one-to-one correspondence.

After the counting is done, start flipping the pages and ask “which side has more trucks?” and “which side has less trucks?”. Discuss how 10 is a larger amount than 3, etc. I think there’s a lot we’ll be able to do with this!

Recently M was playing a number match game and someone (we had company over) asked him which number was the *biggest* number, and M just stared at the numbers with a blank look on his face. Bigger? Well, they (the numerals) pretty much all looked the same size to him. I realized that amount and size can be difficult concepts for a child, when referring to numbers. And then this book popped into my head and now here it is! :)

The .pdf file is available for download here or just click on the image at the top of this post!
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. This is a fun activity. We do comparison on Lego towers. It's even more obvious when a tower of 3 blocks is not as big as a tower of 7 blocks :)

  2. YOu've been busy yet again. That is turning out to be a great Bob the Builder pack of goodies.

  3. I laughed out loud reading your post "really cool mommies have better things to do with their time". Too funny... But it is very nice of you to use your time making things based on your son's interests. :) And, hey, there's lots of us out in blogland that think making things like this IS really cool!

  4. Hi Nicole

    I love it, what a brilliant idea to use a split flip book for comparison purposes. M is going to master these concepts in no time because he won't be able to get enough of his cool mummy's fantastic creation.

    You have such a fantastic collection of Bob The Builder learning resources that you have created.

  5. Thank you for sharing the printables! I love the idea of using velcro.

  6. Love this idea. We'll be doing it soon, I'm sure. And no no, not too much Bob. Never too much Bob!


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