Monday, November 30, 2009

Active Alphabet Giveaway!


Kylie at Our Worldwide Classroom has an awesome of an Active Alphabet set going on.  Check it out here!

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  1. Hi Nicole

    I saw Kylie's post featuring the Active Alphabet books a couple of days ago and I agree, this is a great give away.

    Your recent art box was full of fun resources. I am also a fan of different textured papers and pictures cut out of magazines. M created so many lovely paintings and I think it is amazing to see what children create when they are free to problem solve and have freedom of choice.

    What a great idea to use a pill organiser to hold paint. Perfect.

    Another week of creative and hands on activities for your Tot School. Savvy also made a chain of loops which we now using as a Christmas countdown. Playing shops is such a fun way to reinforce counting. We play a lot of shops, doctors and hairdressers.

    I like your pillow sensory game. I often try to think of different sensory activities for Savvy and Blake.


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