Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tot School – Dec. 27, 2009

M is 40 months old
Tot School was pretty much non-existent this past week, but we managed to get a few things in…
Snowflake matching:blog pics 154
I printed the snowflakes from here, cut them into cards and M tried matching them up in our pocket chart. He did pretty well with this considering some of them were pretty tricky.
No picture for this one, but I printed some snowman grid gameboards from here, and we took turns rolling a die, then putting that number of cotton balls on our game cards. We went top to bottom and left to right. Whoever filled their card first won.
M’s cousin S came over for the day on Tuesday and we made homemade playdough. I didn’t add any coloring (it was a little off-white due to the brownish vanilla I put in it), but we did add silver glitter and vanilla extract. Yum! And pretty! I set out a tray of goodies:blog pics 124 There’s buttons, googley eyes, ribbons, pipecleaners, and various lids here.
And the kids had a great time making snowmen: blog pics 129 blog pics 134 blog pics 131blog pics 141blog pics 136
Aren’t they adorable? And if you’re wondering which child used the pipecleaners for super-long noses… well, that would be my child, hee hee. ;)
We also used up our green playdough that was getting a little old. We used cookie cutters, glass pebbles, colored pasta, buttons, and glitter glue to decorate them. M gave these to grandparents and godparents for pics 042
On Christmas Eve we had about 8 inches of snow dumped on us. I grabbed a couple of buckets and M played (well over an hour) with real snow and his little cars on the kitchen pics 163I’ve noticed that if I occupy him with this kind of thing, he is quite happy to play on his own as long as I’m sitting at the table, cooking, or just hanging out in the kitchen. We explored how snow melted into water and then we set it back outside. Saturday morning he remembered it and we brought it in and he played with the ice!
I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas (remember, Christmas has just begun - it lasts for 12 days!!!). :)
For more tot school, go here!


  1. Can I just get you to homeschool all my tot's? I only have 2 that would qualify really (if you count the 4 year old).

    This looks like soooo much fun and I love all of your ideas.

    We used your Jesse Tree ornaments this year (our first year doing a Jesse Tree) and it made our Christmas much more meaningful. The kids learned so much from this simple devotion! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas for other's to glean from.


  2. LOVE the playdough snowman. Going to make white playdough today!

  3. They have the pocket charts again at the Target dollar spot! I bought a few (and already had some) and I don't have a plan for them at all. =)

  4. What wonderful snowmen - I love yours and M's creativity in selecting the materials and making them. You accomplished a lot despite the holiday week.

  5. Nicole,
    Funny how your son's birthday is Also August 27th! My son was born in 2005, though :) We are also not sending him to Kindergarten this next're right; they're too young being at the end of August! I will be homeschooling him next year. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Keep up the good ideas...I was looking around at your blog forever last night! Addicting, isn't it?

  6. Those snowmen are just TOO CUTE! Love your creative decorating ideas! I'm planning on making exactly the same kind of playdough for January - great minds! :)

  7. My boys were so disappointed that the snow they had carefully collected turned to water. It was not cold enough for it to stay snow.


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