Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Calendar (Free Printables)

One of the things I’m looking forward to doing with M in the new year is daily calendar time.

We’ve been learning the days of the week (we love this song), and we are working on the concepts of today, tomorrow, and yesterday.  We also need to work on morning, mid-day, evening, night, etc.  M thinks anytime the sun is out is “morning” – so pretty much all day, until “night” when it’s dark.  He also thinks if he takes a nap (a very rare occurrence) that when he wakes up it’s “tomorrow”.  Sigh.  If anyone has any ideas on how to help him understand that this isn’t so, I’m all ears.

I bought a piece of poster board and cut it to 14” x 18 1/2”, then marked off spaces for a calendar.  The calendar will hang on our fridge (via double stick tape) and the calendar day cards will have magnets on the back. 

We’ll do calendar time and weather chart time together. I’m planning on noting our birthdays, holidays, and other special days with these calendar cards.  However, I’m also making a full set of regular cards for each month too, so anyone can print and use them (and then you won’t have to celebrate our birthdays. :) )

As I make more calendar pieces for each month, I’ll add them in a list at the bottom of this post, as well as link them up to my printables page. These are listed in order of months, but I’m adding in parenthesis what the theme is in case anyone wants to use them for another month.  There are 31 days in each for just this reason. :)

Have a beautiful day! :)

Month, Year, and Day cardsimage
January (snowflakes) image February (dinosaurs) image March (baseball)image April (baby animals) image May (bugs) image   June (hot air balloons) image July (seaside summer)image August (work trucks)image September (train engine and train cars)image October (owls, pumpkins, leaves, squirrels)image November (apples, scarecrow, cornucopia) image
December (wreath, snowman, candle)

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