Saturday, December 26, 2009

Book of the Week – Dec. 26, 2009

The hit of the week is, without doubt, GO!, by Daniel Kirk.  We made a quick run to the library on Monday and this was one that M picked out on his own.  image
I had my doubts.  My husband had his doubts.  That night at bedtime M picked this to read… and we doubted some more. :)
However, M never doubted it; he knew it was a keeper.  And the next day when I pulled the CD out and we listened to it, I realized just how right he was.  This book is awesome!  Don’t try to read it as poetry, it just doesn’t work.  It’s songs – songs with some really weird lyrics and totally kid-friendly melodies.  The songs have super-catchy tunes, the book has amazingly interesting illustrations, and we are absolutely loving it.  M has listened to it no less than 5 times in the past 2 days – he sits on his bed with his nose in the book and listens to all 23 songs.  This equals 45 minutes of freedom for me, which is not the least of the reasons why I love it. ;)
There’s a song about a boy who wants to be an airplane when he grows up.  There’s a song about rollerblading to school.  There’s even a couple you might already know, but with new fun tunes.  It’s great, great, great – I think everyone I know with kids should go out and buy it.  It’s really that great! :)  Hee hee.
If you don’t buy it, at least see if your library has it.  It’s well worth the time!  And give it a chance, with the music, before you judge it!
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Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. We love books with songs! I'll have to look for this one, it sounds like something Johnny might really enjoy...

  2. Interesting! I'll see if I can find a book with CD in the library - my daughter generally likes song books. Me - not nearly so much, since I can't sing :)

  3. This book sounds great! I'm definitely going to see if our library carries it. My son really enjoys My Truck Is Stuck! by Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk. (and anything by either of those guys!!)

  4. Um, your costing me a lot of money with all of your great book ideas and wonderful school links! Stop finding great stuff, ok?? ;)


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