Monday, December 7, 2009

The Art Box – December 7, 2009


blog pics 015 In the art box last week:  chalk and black paper, black “scratch art” ornaments, stickers, cardboard spools (from ribbon), foam Christmas stickers, paint, scissors (regular and scalloped shaped), various papers, feathers, Christmas ribbon, cotton balls, glue, colored pencils.

Over the summer M was really into making collages, but for some reason he just hasn’t been interested lately.  I was happy to see the interest in collages flair up again, briefly, when he saw the pretty gold Christmas ribbon.  He cut it and used the scallop scrapbook scissors to cut some green paper and then, heavy on the glue, put it on black paper with some foam stickers.
blog pics 048 Daddy came home while M was finishing this up and M could not be bothered with a kiss.  He said, “I’m decorating for Christmas, Daddy!!” :) 

He was very, very interested in the cardboard ribbon spools, and decided to see what kind of “tracks” they would make.  He asked for a saucer of red and blue paint and got busy:blog pics 024 Finished painting:blog pics 046 He was super-proud of this one, and it’s fun to see him experiment with things on his own.

Then he cut some paper into very small pieces and wanted to make a rainbow.  There was half a paper plate in the box, so I used that and drew some lines for him.  He got halfway through and stopped:blog pics 052

He really enjoyed the scratch art ornaments I found for him at Michael’s.  He had never done this before and thought it was really cool. :)  These will hang on our tree, when we get around to actually putting it up!blog pics 077

And then, it was back to painting.  That’s my boy.  Have you seen enough of M’s paintings yet?  If so, you’ll want to skip the rest of this, hee hee.  Here we go:
blog pics 001 blog pics 002 blog pics 009 blog pics 050 
Let’s see what your kiddos did!  I love looking at all their fun art. :)  Link up below!
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. My kids love to paint too.

    We made a rainbow like that last year, and it took about a month to finish covering it!

  2. Never tire of seeing M's masterpieces! He's a little Monet!
    I am dying to link up to this, but I have yet to put together our art box. I even went out and bought some fun new materials, too! So much to do, so little time.

  3. M did great independent art this week! I like how he experiments with different materials. Anna also likes scratch art, but doesn't have patience to keep uncovering the design yet. Our Art Box this week was less than stellar - see at

  4. Oooo, I need to go to Michaels and get some of those black scratchy things! Keep showing the paintings: I'm not tired of seeing them.

  5. We were so happy to link up this week.

    We got those scratch ornaments too. Drew and my nieces did them while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. They were really a hit.

    Yesterday I went to the $ store and got a pill box like yours for paint. Is yours still working? I haven't filled it yet.

  6. Sigh, another week of not being able to participate. But, I've got the stuff upstairs all ready for them for tomorrow probably.

  7. I just found an old box at goodwill and am planning on stocking it with art supplies and giving it to Juliet as a christmas present. I'm excited to join in on this soon!

  8. All of M's artwork is great! He is sure creative.

  9. Hi Nicole

    You always fill your Art box with such creative and fun resources. I am embarrassed to pop over to your blog and see that it is Art Box time again and we still have not participated. I do not tire of seeing M's paintings, keep em coming, they make me smile. Every collage we have uses a whole lot of glue too. Spools are a great thing to put into the Art Box and M came up with a great idea for how to use them. I love his spool painting.

    Your Tot School post was once again full of excellent ideas. You have such great file folder games. Savvy isn't at all interested in letters at the moment, numbers on the other hand are an entirely different story.

    I have recently purchased a few cookie sheets to make some magnetic activities. You came up with a great way to extend the mitten match activity. We have only used pipettes a few times, but I think Savvy would really enjoy playing with these. I am very impressed that M can put together a 25 piece puzzle, he is such an excellent problem solver.

  10. You have such cute ideas! With 7 kids, it's difficult to find time to do stuff like this regularly. That's the one part I miss about having only 1 or 2 kids:(

    Anyhow, my little ones did manage some cute paintings this past week though and they are proudly displayed on the wall in the kitchen:)

  11. I loved the paintings and the artistic experimentation! I really want to see more:)


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