Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What I want for Christmas – Confessions of a Mama-teacher ;)

imageI have a feeling a lot of moms out there who homeschool or do any sort of tot school or preschool at home with their kids are a lot like this (Dear God, please don’t let me be the only one)… I can’t think of a thing I want for myself for Christmas, but I could give you a list 5 pages long of things I’d love to have for M – toys that help him learn and develop many different skills while having fun.

I just love browsing through quality online toys this time of year; there are so many great things out there that would fit well with the activities I do with M. 

I thought I’d share some great deals with you on some fantastic things I’ve found… and it’s a great way for me to remember what’s on my wishlist when a little extra $$$ comes my way.  (Oh, Santa ??)

Take a look at all these lacing cards and lacing activities.  They  have every shape imaginable, even some that are dot-to-dots at the same time.  Isn’t that brilliant?  M would love the construction and tool ones.  And such great prices!!

And here is a group of ABC and phonics center kits.  There are so many possibilities with these.  There’s even a math center kit, a sequencing story kit, and several science kits that I need to keep in mind for a couple of years from now.  I am practically drooling, hee hee. :)

So, now that you know all this, send me presents!  OK, that is just a joke. ;)  Please don’t send me presents.  But do take a look around the site and the pages I’ve linked to.  You’ll be seeing me post about this site again, and you may just get a little present yourself sometime soon. ;)  For fun, let me know which item would be on your wishlist.

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. No, your not alone! I love getting anything tot school-y for the kids for christmas! Who wouldve thought it would be more fun to get our kids presents than ourselves? But its definitely the case.

  2. Oh, me, me! I'm like that too! But I'm more into buying curriculum now. I'm kind of a curriculum junky, you could say. In fact, I asked for amazon gift cards this Christmas so I could spend it all on homeschooling supplies! :) I like that site you were shopping at. I think the lacing buttons would be fun.

  3. Nope you're not alone!! I dream of and online window shop for educational tools far too often!!
    Thanks for sharing the link to that online store - it's awesome! I just spent forever going through the site. The science section has all sorts of goodies I could see myself adding to our wishlist. I also like the counters in their math section. Oh and the phonics bean bags. See... I could make such a list!

  4. That is a super cool thing you linked to.
    Yeah, I do that too of dreaming of things I'd like to get. Of course now that you ask I'm not thinking of stuff I want.

  5. Ha! I just got finished purchasing stuff at OTC and Amazon for our Small Fry. My older boys keep asking me if they are his Christmas gifts, and I tell them "No, these are for his school." Though I have to admit it feels like I'm opening MY Christmas gifts each time a box arrives! lol!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope that your friend finds encouragement from our adoption journey.

  6. You are definitely not alone! LOL! You should see the length of my wishlist at Amazon! I have bought from the CSN group of stores before. They don't disappoint. Bear's Christmas gifts are pretty much all school things this year, since she is too young to really care.


  7. Oh, it's good to see there are lots of us out there! I LOVE shopping for school stuff. Thanks for the links!

  8. You are definitely not alone! Oh, to have an unlimited education budget...

    I think this kindergarten kit looks like something Emma would enjoy:


  9. I am definitely with you - I have tons of things that I want for Anna. But when I look at the kits I keep telling myself (and you probably do even more than I do) - hey, I can do it myself or I can improvise to create a game that is kind of like this. That's why I still prefer to buy either really some sort of workbooks or really toys. One thing that didn't to my Christmas shopping this year and I really want is real Bingo with numbers. Well... maybe for Easter :)

  10. Hi Nicole

    It is wonderful to see you back again.

    I am exactly the same with pressies - can't think of a single thing I would like, but when it comes to Savvy and Blakie, I have a never ending wish list (one I've been keeping for months). We're slowly, but surely working our way through it.

    I really like the idea of the story sequencing cards. I have been making a few sets for Savvy that we will use next year as part of our Tot School.

    M's painted train is certainly a treasured piece. That's a great thing to put into the Art Box. We will certainly be joining you with the Art Box next year. I am really looking forward to it and I think Savvy and Blakie will absolutely love it.

    M's gluing creation looks very Christmasy to me. Those cotton balls tucked into the paper are so sweet.

    I am so impressed with M's problem solving skills. I agree, using cotton balls to stick the googly eyes onto for his owl is nothing short of genius. M's owl is fantastic.


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