Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Real Life is Calling…

Screaming actually, for me to pull my nose away from the computer screen and pay attention to it. 

I’ve known for a while that I need to take a break, but was hoping to put it off until after the New Year; this is just such a fun time of year to be blogging. 

BUT, as it turns out my little break will have to begin now.  I don’t anticipate it lasting longer than a week or two, but we’ll see.  Blogging has been such a great creative outlet for me, as well as motivation to create fun activities to share with M (and you!).  I’m having so much fun and it really is a hobby that gives me energy for other things… most of the time.

Lately however, I’m finding less time to get anything done.  As you probably know, thanks to my many laments about this, M stopped napping a long time ago.  However, up until recently he was still having quiet/rest time.  Now he won’t do this unless I’m resting with him (which on one level is really, really great since I am tired most of the time, lol), but obviously if I am resting, I can’t be trying to get 100 things done in the half hour he’s down. 

At this time of year too, my husband isn’t as busy in the evenings (normally he has 1 to 2 meetings per week in the evenings – built in “me” time after M goes to bed), so that means I’m pretty much on call all the time.  What little free time I have right now needs to go towards other things.  I realized this today when some simple cleaning chores had me growling and grumpy, and taking it out on my sweet little boy.  I need time to work on some projects, get my priorities straightened out, and organize this house before it drives me nuts.  Seriously, I’m nervous about the influx of new *stuff* we’ll be bringing into our home in about 2 weeks!  I’m going to work on organizing toys and school supplies… out with the old to make room for the new.

I’ve recently received a few very kind and sweet emails from new readers… I’m so thrilled to hear from you!  This is the hardest part of taking a break – not getting to interact with all the wonderful people I’ve “met” in the blogging world.  If you are new here, rest assured I will be stopping by your sites to visit as soon as I can – I LOVE meeting new friends and reading new (to me) blogs.  And I will be back blogging up a storm here as soon as possible.  In the meantime, feel free to look around the archives!

How is it I can never say what I want to say in less than 5 paragraphs??  Anyway, I’m off to catch up on emails and my google reader before I switch off my beloved laptop.  ;)  Then onto real life

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Have a wonderful break. I am off on holidays in a week so I may not be around when you get back, if so have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Oh girl, I TOTALLY understand but I will miss you terribly! You and Matthew are so inspirational to me and I love, love, love checking your blog.

    I'll email you tonight or tomorrow (and explain why it's taken me 2 weeks; similar situation to yours) but understand if I don't hear from you for a bit.

    Giant hugs!

  3. You have a nice break, especially right now with Christmas coming up. You need time for yourself and for your family. We will miss you but we will be here when you come back.

    We all need a break from this computer now and them!

  4. Good for you Nicole! I think all us blogging mommies need to learn from you because i know i am the same way. Thanks for the reminder :) And stick to your break, and enjoy it! :)

  5. Enjoy your break and come back refreshed. We'll be doing Art Box still - it's a fun idea that we are sort of enjoying lately.

  6. Hi Nicole

    I admire your decsion to take a break. I know what you mean about blogging being a great creative outlet and such a fantastic way to interact with other like minded, creative and inspirational people. I often have to remind myself that creating activities, keeping up on my own blog and commenting on my favourite blogs is just something that has to be done in baby steps and not as often as I would like. That is the only way I get joy and satisfaction from it. It may take me a whole week to create an activity, or not comment on everybody's great posts (because I only ever do these things when my children are sleeping), but that's ok, I have only recently learnt to accept this and not get frustrated by such limited time constraints.

    I really like how you have come up with such a festive way for M to learn his name. That is such a sweet picture of him stringing the ornaments together.

    I have been trying to find a Christmas carol book suitable for Savanna and Blake and can you believe this has been a whole lot more difficult than I anticipated. I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to make my own. I was so excited to see you had beaten me to this and I will be printing your delightful book out. Thank you for sharing this and the stringing ornaments - I appreciate them so much.

    I hope you enjoy your break and I will "see" you when you return.

  7. I can totally 100% relate to everything you wrote. James gave up naps ages ago and his subsequent "quiet time", too. I have to scrounge for 'me' time whenever I can and more often than I'd like to admit, chores and things of that sort get pushed aside.

    I know I'm in need of some revaluation myself and you've inspired me to do that. Thank you!

    Enjoy your break! We'll miss you! :)

  8. I totally understand, but I'll miss you! You always make me laugh, and you have such great ideas. Have a great holiday!

  9. I'll miss you until you come back. But have a fun break!

  10. Good for you for recognizing you need to take a break! That's a hard thing to do for a blogger! I hope you have a great break and get all your millions of to-do things done! :) You'll be missed!

  11. I am going to miss you. :( But, family def should come first. I know that sometimes I catch myself getting upset with Drew when he wants my attention while I am on the comp. and then I catch myself.

    Our babies will only be this little for such a short time and we need to make the most of it.

    I have also not been adding to the blogs that I read. There are so many out there and you can get so caught up. I figured just find the ones you really like and give them your attention.

    Anyway, go have some great family time. Maybe create a new family ritual, like every Sat. helping at the food bank or even just baking bread every Sat. Whatever it is I know you will think of something fun. Good Luck.

  12. Like others have said, I totally understand that you need a break. I've taken a break recently and I always feel like I will have such a hard time "catching up" on everything out there in blogworld. But I tell myself that it's okay if I don't see every single post for every blog that I follow. Relax and enjoy the real reason for the season.

  13. Enjoy your break! Many of us will also be taking breaks this time of the year, at least if we're smart. :) The holidays are a too wonderful and too busy time.

  14. I just discovered your blog and I find it sooooo interesting. I'll have to catch up because you have great posts, and I hope I'll read most of them until you come back with new ideas. Happy holidays!

  15. This is what I love about you! You are totally real....with a totally real husband and son:)

    Enjoy your time away from blog world and bless your family (and yourself) as much as you bless your readers!

    May your Christmas be filled with the hope of Christ.



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