Saturday, December 5, 2009

Books of the Week – December 5, 2009

Christmas books this week – of course! :)  These are two favorites from last year that I put on hold for us two weeks ago so we could enjoy them again this year.  M was very happy to see these beloved books again!
Little Owl and the Star, by Mary Murphy
imageI think this book is perfect for very young toddlers, even babies.  The text is very simple and it evokes the feeling of expectation and joy well.  Little Owl has a “waiting feeling”, then comes a star and Little Owl follows it.  He finds baby Jesus and is filled with happiness when the baby smiles at him.  Then the star shines so bright it fills the world with light.  M still loves this book, even though it’s a bit simpler than the stories he is used to now.  I really recommend this one, it’s super-cute and sweet!

The Little Drummer Boy, by Katherine K. Davis
imageI have to admit, I’ve always loved this song.  And after reading  (er, singing) this book last Christmas, we have pretty much been singing it all year.  M loves the song as much as I do and while I normally am not a fan of books that are really just songs with illustrations, I LOVE this one.  I literally get chills in the last few pages.  
For more reviews, go to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns!
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. These look great. I love the song Little Drummer Boy.

  2. Great books! I love the Little Drummer Boy song, too. Always brings tears to my eyes.

    PS: thank you SO much for your sweet comment on my blog. Made my day!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your beloved books. I admit that I don't know the Little Drummer Boy song and never read the book. Time to head over to YouTube :)

  4. What great books! :) I love Christmas!

  5. I love The Little Drummer Boy as well. :)

  6. I love The Little Drummer Boy!


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