Monday, December 28, 2009

The Art Box – Dec. 28, 2009

Well, no picture of the Art Box this week because it didn’t even come out of it’s hiding place once.  Why?  Well, because of the window crayons.  Yep, window crayons that M received at the big aunt/uncle/cousin get together the weekend before Christmas. 

So, here’s a taste of what every. single. window. in my house looked like this pics 111That’s just one little door.  Why take pictures of every. single. window. in the house if they all look like this?   Just think – 11 upstairs window + 1 mirror all prettied up!  You just run out and buy some window crayons for your little ones now and your house can be pretty like mine. :)

He also worked on his “treasure box” that I surprised him with.  It was on clearance for $1.00 at Michael’s and for some unknown reason looks like a book, a fact that totally escaped M, but that everyone else notices.  He painted it red outside and orange inside…blog pics 165

Then fancied it up with some lovely globs of glitter glue:blog pics 157

He keeps his rocks in it. :)  He’s a boy! (Even despite the glitter glue obsession.)  :)

Let’s see what your little ones created; link up below!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I admit reluctantly that we hid Anna's gift of window crayons - somehow we are not quite ready for this kind of artistic expression even if it's supposedly washable :) I love M's treasure box - it turned out wonderfully.

  2. treausre chests are so fun. Sadly ours got destoryed eventually, but we can always make another. Maybe I"ll buy a more sturdy one next time.
    I still have yet to let my kids use their window markers on windows.

  3. Love your windows! We like our window markers too, although Crumpet gave up after one big window. And I couldn't get him to do ANY art this week, even though I gave him stuff I thought was really cool... So no link...


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