Monday, December 21, 2009

The Art Box – Dec. 21, 2009

art In the Art Box last week (last two weeks actually): Christmas foam stickers, tempera paint, watercolors, glue, glitter glue, glitter, oil pastels, assorted ribbons, pom-poms, a pinecone, some cotton balls, a wooden toy train engine, various papers, scissors

On a recent trip to Walmart we saw a bunch of cute little wooden vehicles for just 88 cents a piece. I let M pick one and he chose a little train engine (I know, it looks like a bus to me too, but the “expert” says it’s a train engine). Into the art box it went, and it was the first thing he chose to work on. I am planning to go back and get all of them, he loved painting his own train! blog pics 001

blog pics 037 (It has a special place on his dresser, and I couldn’t resist getting this shot of it in front of a picture of M and me when he was 12 months old.)

One afternoon, he was very busy cutting paper and gluing it; I wasn’t really paying attention, then realized he was gluing layers and layers of things together… not spread out on one page, but just scraps of paper piled up. blog pics 004

He was exceedingly proud of his little creation:

blog pics 026

See the inside? There are cotton balls sandwiched in there along with all kinds of other little treasures. :)

blog pics 027

A few weeks ago we made a baby owl using a pinecone and cotton to go with the book Owl Babies. (I should’ve posted about this, but never got around to it.) When M saw a pinecone in his box he decided he wanted to make a Mama owl! He asked me for a beak and some googley eyes, which I happily provided. They were not sticking on so he stuffed pom poms in the pinecone and then glued the eyes to them! He did this completely on his own. I thought it was absolutely genius, but I may be a little biased. ;)

Note the concentrating tongue in this picture:

blog pics 043

The finished Mama Owl:

blog pics 048

And the back:

blog pics 049

I was told the large piece of green foam is her back and the small pieces of green foam are her feet. So, yeah, her feet are in back. I’m totally OK with that and still think he’s brilliant. ;)

For some reason I was feeling a little nutty and put glitter in his box. The kind you shake out all over everything. Everything, meaning EVERYTHING. He will not be getting glitter again any time soon.

blog pics 007


Paintings (you knew they were coming, right?)…

With an empty thread spool:

art (1)

With tempera paints and paintbrushes: blog pics 006blog pics 057art (2)

He is definitely going through some sort of single-color-all-over-the-paper phase, not sure what that’s all about…

Here, he was experimenting with the roller. He asked me for some red paint and some white paint and said he was going to “paint the whole paper red, then change it back into regular paper with the white paint”. I tried to keep a straight face and let him go for it. It didn’t quite work out like he hoped. ;)

blog pics 052

And lastly, watercolors: blog pics 047

I’d love to see what your little artists have been creating! Link up below!

Have a beautiful day! :)


      1. I like his owl!

        Emma went through a stage where she glued things on top of each other like that and was very proud of the end result too =)

      2. What a clever boy! He's so creative. I just requested Owl Babies from the library (finally!) and was planning to post some owl crafts sometime in the next few weeks.

      3. I love M's crafts - I agree with you that gluing eyes on pom-poms is very creative. You are a brave woman putting a glitter in the Art Box just like that :) Anna also loves to create towers by putting layer over layer over layer - she generally likes 3d projects much better than painting or gluing, at least at the moment.

      4. I love M's crafts! Selena hasn't even asked for art during our break. We will link up after Christmas.

      5. Quite the little artist you have there!

      6. Oh, he is DEFINITELY a genius!! Great week (and yes, you are nuts - loose glitter??- maybe that solved your kitchen floor problem though? I bet it's not so boring and old, but instead rather sparkly!And will be forever!)

      7. OH, I love what he did this week. Mine often do the same thing of glueing right on top of what they've already done.
        And yes that is very clever to make that into a mommy owl.
        We've done the paint your own trains, I'll warn you they don't stand up to rigorous play.

      8. I love the blue and green painting. It looks just like a hydrangea to me! Very nice!

        I love the art box idea and we'll have to try it in the new year.

      9. I finally posted our owl post, and linked to your craft. better late than never!


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