Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Thankfulness Tree

Last year we began a very sweet tradition – during the 7 days before Thanksgiving we each write (well, M dictates) one thing we are thankful for on a paper leaf every evening. 

We talk about the things for which we are thankful during our dinner, then afterwards we pin the leaves to our felt tree.  By the time Thanksgiving rolls around our tree is looking beautiful and festive, and we are in a thankful frame of mind.

Thanksgiving is a hard time for me – several years ago, when we were wanting a baby so very badly, I found out I was pregnant on Thanksgiving morning.  It was also the 10 year anniversary of our first date.  It began as a wonderful, wonderful day.  But unfortunately the day ended in a traumatic fashion in the emergency room with almost no hope of a viable pregnancy (although hope is exactly what I held onto).  After the long weekend I went to my doctor for a follow up exam and found that I had, in fact, lost the baby.  I still miss that baby.  I still love that baby.  I am still thankful for that baby and the other babies we had for such a short time, and I’m especially thankful for the baby we were able to hold onto, who now makes Thanksgiving a little bit brighter again. :) 

{Remember, please, that holidays are not easy and happy times for everyone, and make sure to count all your blessings!}

Our leaves for this year, cut from fall-themed scrapbook paper:cut-out leavesReally, don’t they resemble little mice lying on the floor?

Our felt tree, tacked onto the flannelboard and ready to go:thankfulness tree

This was cut from a pattern I drew and enlarged; if you are interested, you can download the felt tree pattern here.

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Next year that's what I'm telling myself apparently I can add in one holiday of crafts and then I get all confused and behind again

  2. I'm sorry that Thanksgiving holds such painful memories. Losing our babies stays with us for our whole lives. I pray the hole in your heart becomes less painful with time.

    Love your projects!!!

  3. I thought they WERE mice, until I read your post!

    What a sad Thanksgiving day. I am so glad you do have a wonderful little boy to spend Thanksgiving with this year, and that you are able to be thankful for your other babies who were gone much too soon.

  4. I'm sorry that Thanksgiving is hard for you. My family also has a hard time on that day. It was the last time that we saw my baby brother five years ago. It is a good day (to be with family) but sad (someone is missing). I will pray for you and your family, Nicole.

    I do love your little leaves. We did not do a thankfulness tree this year. But I'm going to remember your scrapbook leaves {mice ;)} for next year. They are super cute! I love your projects, Nicole. You always inspire me!

  5. So sorry that Thansgiving is such a hard time! The holidays can be pleasant way to remember the wonderful times but like you said they also can hold lots of pain. I will be praying this week for you and your family!

    I love the leaves and the tree! We have been trying to do a leaf each night since the beginning of the month.. It doesn't always happen but it has certainly helped us keep a thankful frame of mind this month!

  6. How inspiring that you have created something beautiful for a holiday that also holds painful memories! It is such a sign of strength, and a great example for your son (and us!)
    It is good to remember that holidays aren't always easy times; they are tough for many people for different reasons. I sometimes have a tough time during the Christmas season, because my dad's birthday was Dec. 16 and Christmas was his favorite holiday (he passed away years ago). This is a good reminder that we can choose to make positive, happy memories, while also acknowledging the loss and pain.


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