Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dropping Colored Water – a Fine Motor Activity

colored water dropping This week I had as many shelf activities out for M as I usually have, but one of them was such a huge hit he did it for 2 hours the first day, and went back to it each and every day, while completely passing by every other activity.  I finally had to take it off the shelf so he would choose something else!

It was simple to put together and not at all time-consuming.  I simply printed magnet pages from Making Learning Fun (which are supposed to be used with circle magnets) for the letter F, one of our letters for the week.  I placed the pages in plastic page protectors and put them on a tray along with a few paper towels and a small dropper with red water in it.activity set up


The idea was for M to squeeze one drop, and only one drop onto each circle, then place a paper towel over the top and watch the color soak through.  colored water dropping onto "f" page

colored water soaking through paper towel

Well.  Never did I imagine that this would be The Best Activity in the World,  but apparently it is.  He did both F pages a few times, then begged for more.  I had some number play dough mats printed out and in page protectors already, so I grabbed those and he did them several times too. And, he got in a little unexpected math work by counting the circles on each page as he dropped water onto them.  Gotta love an activity that multi-tasks! ;)using number mats


It was M’s idea to trace the numbers with the colored drops.  It was so neat to see the number form as the water soaked through the paper towel.water drops form the numeral

Our dropper was just an old food coloring dropper.  You can pry the tip out, fill the container with water, drop in a tiny bit of food coloring and put the tip back in.  It worked perfectly!   I must have refilled this thing 20 times during the course of the week and it kept working great.  I didn’t want to use a regular eye dropper with an open bottle of colored water because  I wanted to eliminate any chance of spilling the water (food coloring stains!).  This turned out to be the perfect solution. 

Have a beautiful day! :)


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  1. oo my goodness what a fun activity! I will certainly be holding onto my food coloring droppers to do this later!


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