Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Floor Number Game – free printables!


floor number game
I’m having a blast coming up with fun math games and activities to do with M.   I’m almost glad he didn’t take an interest in the bead bars and number boards (although, honestly, I do hope that he will, eventually!).

For our Floor Number Line Game I printed out some large number cards, 1 – 20, and laminated them.   I also made two dice – one has numbers on it, and one has actions on it. 

Here is the number die:number die for floor game

The action die looks like this:image

To play, we scatter the numbers around our floor, while still keeping them in order.  So #1 goes nearest the starting place, and number 20 goes the farthest away.  You want enough room between numbers to have space for doing the actions.  It’s hard to crawl from #1 to #2 if there’s only a few inches between them. ;)

Each player starts at number 1, and the first player tosses both dice.  If you get “+2” and “hop on one foot”, you would hop on one foot forward two spaces to the number 3 card (forward means towards the higher numbers. Depending on how you have the numbers laid out, it could actually be sideways).

The number die has a zero on it, which means stay where you are; and some numbers have a minus sign (-), which means go back towards one

Whoever reaches 20 first is the winner!  When we first played this we only used numbers 1 to 10 and that was a lot of fun too!

If you have more than one child, this is a great game, as you can retrieve the dice for them.  If you only have one child and you are playing with him or her, it’s still a great game, but whoever is retrieving the dice for each turn will need to remember his or her spot on the number line!  This could also just be a fun activity for one child, without being a competitive game at all.

The floor cards are made to be printed on colored paper, and so don’t appear in order on the printable (I didn’t want 1 through 4 to all be purple, and so on, so I mixed the numbers up a bit).  You can download the game materials below.

Floor Number Game

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. How do you make the printables look so nice? Looks like a great way to get some exercise and do some math! I like the use of negative numbers too. Thanks for sharing?

  2. What a fun math game! I will have to prep this for some cold winter days that are ahead :-)

  3. Ooh, I'm excited about this! Thanks!

  4. This looks fun! I'm not very creative on the math front so I love seeing other people's great ideas!


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