Thursday, November 18, 2010

Craft Time – Turkeys with Crumpled Tissue Paper Feathers

Thanksgiving can’t go by without at least one turkey craft, can it?  I know many of you are up to your ears in turkey crafts; if you can’t possibly stand one more, don’t read this post! :)
This was very simple and fun.  I used this activity mainly to introduce M to the “scrunch up tissue paper and dip it in glue” technique that I think is so neat, but that he’s never really been interested in.   This time he enjoyed it, but didn’t like the fact that once in a while glue would get on his fingers. (When did he become Mr. Neat and Clean?)
Supplies: brown paper, marker, scissors, glue, saucer or lid (to put the glue on for dipping), googley eyes (or buttons if you have no googley eyes, although you might regret it – see below), orange triangle, red waddle, and tissue paper cut into 2” x 2” squares.  The measurement does not have to be exact.
Draw a turkey head (think key hole shape) on half of the brown paper, and on the other half draw an arc that covers most of the area.turkey craft set-up
Cut out the turkey pieces, or have your child cut them out.        
Put a puddle of glue on the saucer or lid.  Scrunch up pieces of tissue paper, dip them in the glue, then stick them to the semi-circle.scrunch up the tissue paper
dip it in glue
place it on the turkey tail
Try to completely cover it with the wadded tissue paper pieces.
Glue eyes, beak, and waddle onto the turkey head.  make the turkey face
If you want, use a square of styrofoam or a ribbon spool, or something similar to make your turkey a bit more 3-d.  Place glue on whatever you are using for a spacer, and glue it on top of the tissue paper.styrofoam spacerPlace more glue on top and glue on the turkey head and neck.  It is fine to simply glue the turkey head right onto the tissue paper area if you don’t have anything to use as a spacer.
finished turkey Hm. Hopefully yours will not also look like a
crazy, hypnotized turkey. :)
You can tape a cardboard tube (t.p. or paper towel, cut to size) to the back of your turkey to make him stand up in the center of your Thanksgiving table!  I think we’ll face ours to the wall, hee hee. ;)
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Ha ha! So cute. This would have been cute for the turkey story hour I am hosting today. Oh well, I'll have to save this idea for next year.

  2. super adorable!! He does look a little crazed :-P But cute!


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