Sunday, November 14, 2010

Internet Detox – what I’ve learned

Well, I am still having computer-email-internet-wireless trouble.  Over the past 1 1/2 weeks it has gone from pretty bad to worse, to much worse, and then back to just pretty bad again. :)  I am waiting for our ISP to send us a new router and then my sweet husband will set that up, hopefully with no trouble, and I’ll be up and running again!

I have learned a few things during this unexpected detox period:

  1. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  2. When one is in a state of frustration, it’s generally not the right time to go around pushing the factory “reset” button on every piece of computer hardware within one’s reach. 
  3. Especially if one doesn’t know exactly how to reconfigure everything (see number 1 above).
  4. Sometimes I mentally narrate the inanities of my life in facebook speak. This annoys me.
  5. I do still know how to look up information with a real dictionary and/or encyclopedia.
  6. Somehow not having internet access for a few days makes my house cleaner. 
  7. Email can be ignored and the world will not fall apart.
  8. Reading a book, sewing jammies and new pants for a sweet boy, making a new wreath for our home, going out with girlfriends, and singing Yankee Doodle over and over and over again with a 4 year old are all pretty nice ways of spending my time.
  9. If no one is reading what I am writing, it helps me remember that I enjoy writing just for the sake of writing.
  10. If I write blog posts away from an internet connection (thank you, Windows Live Writer), they get finished much more quickly, and I can write 5 posts in one evening.  (It has something to do with not playing sudoku and numbrix online between paragraphs.)

For the time being, I’m hooking myself up to our beast of a computer and scheduling out about a gazillion posts that I’ve written on Live Writer over the past week. :)  And then I’m going to go sing Yankee Doodle with M one more time.

Have a beautiful day! :)



  1. I know I will need to detox at some point. I've been on it for a year already! But I think someone needs to hide my computer.

  2. oo detox.. yes I guess I should do that at some point :-P Glad things have going well in the non-technical part of your life :-)

  3. Nicole,
    Our laptop went ka-put and we are living the detox right now. WE have desk top downstairs in our finished basement, but then we have to go ALL THE WAY DOWN THERE. I'm realizing what an asddiction I had!

  4. I can just imagine how I'd do with a detox......


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