Monday, November 1, 2010

The Art Box – Nov. 1, 2010

M’s love for drawing has really taken off lately, and I’m enjoying seeing all the interesting things he makes.  Smiley faces and hearts are prevalent right now, but he also throws in a car here and there, or sometimes he draws an entire story.  Being 4 is amazing! :)

Untitled-Stitched-06I’m guessing smiles and hearts are a way of saying he’s happy. :)

He continues to gather leaves and make leaf people… or leaf creatures like these guys:art box (11) art box (10)

art box (9)

A “pom pom boat in the water”:art box (3)

A “pom pom duck in the water”:art box (4)

M in the swimming pool at a hotel with his float ring on, and a woman coming in at the door (we were at a hotel recently where M had an exceptional amount of fun in the pool):art box (6)

A “car on a road on a hill”, with smiley faces on the wheels:art box (8) 

M and his cousin S:art box (15)

art box (16)

My favorite of the week – Daddy swinging M, while a mommy mouse kisses her baby mouse; it even shows M’s slide and ladder:oct 2010 021

Have any children’s art work you’d like to share?  Link it up below!  Remember to link back here somewhere in your post!

Have a beautiful day! :)


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  1. I love all of his creativity. And he drew a great car!


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