Sunday, May 16, 2010

Science – Sink or Float & Magnetic or Non-Magnetic

I’ve been trying to have a morning activity ready for M when he wakes each day.  If I don’t he wanders around whining “what can I dooooo???”, and at that time of day it can be a very dangerous thing to whine anywhere near Mama.

So one day this past week I set this out for him:may 001

It’s a basic sink or float activity, and he had to guess what each object would do before he placed it in the water.  He was right about 95% of the time. 

Then, I told him some of the items were magnetic and that he could find them by using his little fishing pole (from our homemade ABC fishing game).  He LOVED this and spent a good 25 minutes fishing things out and then putting them back in to fish out again. :)  may 004

This idea came from this post at The Wonder Years.

Next time we do this (and I’m sure we will be doing this again), we’ll do some sort of graphing activity… floats/magnetic, floats/non-magnetic, sinks/magnetic, sinks/non-magnetic… is what I’m imagining. 

This time he just sorted them into a pile of magnetic things and left the non-magnetic things in the water.may 005

Check out Science Sunday for more kids’ science!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I'm cracking up because I can't handle whining first thing either. =) Great ideas. Looks like he had a ton of fun!

  2. I need to do a sink/float experiment. Believe it or not i dont think we ever have!

  3. What a good idea to have planned activities ready ahead - I usually just suggest they all go clean their rooms :)

  4. It looks like fun, the fishing pole I bet he really liked. I have to try this with the fishing rod too.

  5. This is fun and I too really need to do one of these as we have never done this either!!!

  6. I love activities like that. The kids just gravitate towards them.

  7. It's one of those simple things that always end up being big hits. My own science this week fell into the same category. I plan to do sink/float once we get both our good weather and our backyard back.

  8. What a great basic science experiment! I need to start planning out my activities better. Do you have any planning sheets or how do you plan things out?


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