Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Homemade Foam Stamps

M loves those little capsules that have foam shapes in them.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – you put them in warm water and wait, oh, about an hour, for the capsule to dissolve and reveal what was all squished up inside.  They are a patience-practicing activity, although I’m not entirely convinced that the gratification of finally seeing *what it is* is really worth the amount of  patience spent, but I digress…

The truly irritating thing about these little guys is that once you know what they are… the fun is over.  They lie around the house making me crazy with their purposelessness.

The million or so peanut butter jar lids that I have don’t make me crazy, because I know sooner or later they will have a purpose. :)  

I tried gluing these little foam guys onto our saved lids with regular craft glue, but after it dried it peeled right off the plastic.  I would’ve tried super glue, but, no kidding, all 3 tubes of super glue that we have are glued shut.  I couldn’t budge them and gave up.  So, I ended up using mounting foam.  I got this in a strip, like a roll of tape, at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago.  It’s useful for all kinds of things.  I liked it for these stamps because it makes them stick up a little farther and makes it easier to just ink the shape instead of the whole lid (if that makes sense?).
may 2010 013

We tried them out and they were a success!  M loved using them.may 2010 008

Of course cleaning up was the real test… we had used paint for stamping with them and I just gently washed them under running water, pressed the sponge down to get most of the water out, then let them dry.  They stayed put together very nicely!  $1.00 for a new set of stamps isn’t bad!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I have the same problem with the foam capsules, but your solution rocks. I have to try it out.

  2. Oh Nicole you are brilliant! I love that idea. b likes those too and loses interest while we wait so I sneak over and take off the plastic mushy part. I also snuck and put them in the garbage when he wasn't looking. =)

  3. I've thought of doing this a couple of times, but hadn't done it yet.

  4. Awesome! I saved my son's awhile ago so I too could make stamps from them.... I will have to look for that at Dollar Tree :)

  5. oo love this idea! I don't have any of those currently but I will def. save them the next time my son convinces me to get a set ;-)


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