Saturday, May 15, 2010

Books of the Week – 5/15/10

Our top two favorites this week…

Little Bear’s Visit, by Else Minarik:imageI just can’t say enough good things about these Little Bear books – they are even better than I remember from when I was a child!  In this one Little Bear visits Grandfather Bear and Grandmother Bear, and gets a story from each one.  One story is about when Mother Bear was little and made friends with a little robin.  The other story is about a gremlin who has magic shoes. :)  M asks for this every day at least once.  It’s quite long – 4 chapters – and he sits for the entire thing, even the 2 pages where there are no pictures! 

His other favorite this week was Big Brown Bear’s Up and Down Day, by David McPhail(thanks, Kim!) :image This is a cute story about a rat trying to get Big Brown Bear to give up one of his slippers so he can use it for a bed.  But M loves this book mainly because there is a little toy car in it that winds up and goes, and the rat gets to drive it at the end. :)   

This is being linked to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns, and Feed Me Books Friday.  Check out both of these great sites for more book recommendations!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. We love The Little Bear Books. The Bear's Up and Down Day sounds like a cute book.

  2. We love Little Bear - but mainly from the television program. The stories are so gentle, and comforting.

    Have you read M The Mouse and the Motorcycle?

  3. I love david mcphail i had no idea this was one of his books.

  4. Yes, that's fun. Some books really do get better with age! Thanks for linking. Have a great week!

  5. Thanks for joining WMCIR. We also really enjoyed Little Bear series. We just discovered David McPhail recently - I have to check this book out :)

  6. That second book sounds way too cute.

  7. We love little bear so much, too! I never read them as a child and wish I had!

  8. oo wonderful books! Little bear was a favorite growing up. I might have to get one from the library and give it a try :-)


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