Saturday, May 1, 2010

Books of the Week

Here are the two books both M and I loved this week (the ones in the carousel above are really good too!):
Little Bear’s Friend, by Else Minarik
I remember this book from my own childhood and so enjoyed sharing it with M!  He is allowed to watch Little Bear on TV once in a while and just loves it – and now that he’s able to sit for a longer book I was anxious to introduce these to him.  I know some of you have mentioned these books in your weekly posts, so thank you for reminding me of them!  The simple illustrations in this book and the sweet story of friendship make it one that any child will love.  It is separated into 4 chapters or stories, but M insists on reading the entire thing every time.  And I am happy to oblige. ;)

Wilfred to the Rescue,by Alan MacDonald
This is part of a series called “Stories from Brambly Hedge”, and it’s the first one we’ve read.  It’s very good, and just adventurous enough without being frightening.  It teaches a bit about being brave and helping others as Wilfred the mouse helps rescues a small vole named Sissy who has drifted out into floodwaters during a game of “hide-and-squeak”.  It’s a great book for my adventurous, brave little guy to act out again and again.  
As usual, I’m linking this up to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns, and to a new (to me) linky at The Adventure of Motherhood, called Feed Me Books Friday.
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. We loved Little Bear books - they are on the right level for Anna's independent reading. I think I've seen the mention of Wilfred to the Rescue before - it sounds like another great book to read. Thanks for sharing your picks!

  2. My kids love to watch Little Bear on Nick Jr. occasionally, and we enjoy a good critter book. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These look like wonderful books. I have added them to our library list. Thanks!

  4. We love the Little Bear Books. This is one we haven't read yet. I will have to look for it.

  5. I like the cover art on Wifred to the Rescue - I'm going to check our library for the series!

  6. I didn't know there were more Little Bear books! This is great news and it's so nice to have you join us.

    If you give a pig a party sounds fun too!

  7. I think the Little Bear books are right around C's reading level so I've been thinking of checking them out. Now I will definitely pick one up on our next trip to the library.


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