Monday, May 3, 2010

The Art Box – May 3, 2010

 Oops!  No picture of the Art Box this week, although I was positive I took one.  It had the usual paints, paper, scissors, glue… collage supplies, glitter glue, some tissue paper, foam letter stickers, and a cardboard tube.

M’s big creation of the week was this:blog pictures 016A “talking log”. ;)  It has eyes and everything you could want on a talking log… and yes, it does talk… as long as M’s mouth is at one end. :)

He did some watercolor paintings…

This one is of “garden hoses and caterpillars” (seriously, who paints pictures of garden hoses?):watercolors (1)

And this one is of “kangaroo pawprints”:  blog pictures 037

He made a paint and sticker collage, with a glitter pen drawing in the background:blog pictures 026 

And he experimented with making a tissue paper collage: blog pictures 028This was actually a big step forward, since all he normally wants to do is toss tissue paper in the air and blow it around. :)

Have some children’s art you’d like to show off?  Link it up below (remember to link back here in your blog post)!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. A talking log! Awesome, he can talk with our dragonflies, and tell them not to land on him.

  2. hehe love it! We painted on a present that we gave away this week. Sammy drew a garden hose too! Then a worm that had hands lots of them (like 15).

  3. I love talking log and how M explains his pictures. We haven't tried any tissue paper here, but Anna's favorite art surface is contact paper. She is very happy to fill it with all kinds of things and then she wants me to cut it into human shapes :)


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