Monday, May 10, 2010

The Art Box – 5/10/10

With 4 play dates last week (all were hosted at our house, I might add…  what was I thinking?) , and the rest of the time spent on errands, playing outside, etc., not much in the way of free art was done.  A couple of crafts for Mother’s Day made their way in to our busy week, but that was about all we had time for.  The Art Box was left untouched, except for this:may 015 may 014 (Mr. Grumpy was not happy about posing with it, but wouldn’t let go of it so I could take a picture of just the bag.)

It’s M’s new library book bag.  We take home anywhere from 20 to 40 books a week from our library and our old book bag was literally falling apart.  I bought some fabric markers and gave him his brand new bag.  He enjoyed drawing on it, and from what I was able to gather this isn’t anything in particular, just (very) abstract art. :) 

He always enjoys having something “different” to draw, paint, or color on.  I might let him add some embellishments later… we’ll see!

Have some children’s art you’d like to show off?  Link it up below (remember to link back here in your blog post)!

Have a beautiful day! :)



  1. What an awesome idea! We go to the library a lot too.

  2. We got nothing done last week with art, and I'm thinking the same thing is going to happen this week.
    Get one of those big plastic carts on wheels. I love mine for the library!

  3. oo love the new library bag! I need to distinguish one of our bags as that. I am always grabbing a different one.

  4. The pictures are just too funny. We had a pretty art-free week too - Anna just wanted to play-play-play. The only free art that she did was coloring with qtips in the little coloring book from Michael's. It comes with paint strips and the colors are of better quality than I expected from $1 product.

  5. I love your idea to have him decorate a special bag for the library. It gives him a sense of ownership and involvement, making it an (even more) special outing.

    We haven't done much Art Box work since I linked up once...we did some, but I didn't post about it, and then we got out of the habit all together. I think I'm still - always - trying to figure out what works for us! :)


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