Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tot School – March 28, 2010

imageM is 42 months old.

Wellllll…… M had pneumonia this week.  So, we did not do much of anything except read books and watch tv.  My poor, poor baby.  We went to the doctor on Monday and he immediately started getting better after starting the antibiotics, but he’s still not back to normal.  (We’d appreciate prayers, if you are willing!)

The following is a smattering of this and that from past weeks that haven’t yet made it into a post, in no particular order as I’m not up to organizing anything right now…

We visited my parents who live on our family farm in Missouri.  It is more of a hobby farm now than anything (in its glory days it was a magnificent dairy farm, with horses and sheep to boot).  M loved feeding the chickens, and hearing the rooster crow!ts mo

While we were there we made a trip to Bass Pro (a major outdoor sports / hunting mall.  They had a lot of wonderful displays, including these sweet turtles: ts mo (2) ts mo (3)

And this grizzly bear, whom he agreed to stand next to if Auntie M would hold him:ts mo (4)


I found a small foam ABC puzzle mat - the squares come apart and the letters all come out – for $1.00 at Walmart.  Here M is lining them up like a  train.  After he finished placing the letters in he “drove” it (pulled it) all around the house.

blog pictures 027


I took all the soft stuff out of our previous sensory bin and left the hard glass pebbles and marbles in.  I found a gumball machine at Dollar Tree and added it in.  Here’s M figuring out how it works (it was perfect for the marbles!): sensory (2)   (And, um, WHY does my baby look so long in this picture?)

This past week we did do one school-ish activity (later in the week, when he started improving and actually got dressed)… our egg game, which you can read about here. We played it and a couple of other games quite a bit, and although I hate for M to be so sick, I have to say I enjoyed the slower pace of our days this week.  Anyway, here we are playing the game:ts 300 (4)

And after we finished, we quickly graphed our chicks and other animals to see who had more before we actually counted them:ts 300 (5) 

Beginning next week (or the next school post I get around to writing), I’ll be linking these posts up to the Preschool Corner instead of Tot School.  I’ve been in denial that my baby is growing up, but have decided that our posts are probably more preschool-oriented now, although I do intend to keep school activities play-based and fun… no formal curriculum of any kind yet.  I hope all of you who read our Tot School posts will continue following M’s progress and our weekly activities!

Have a beautiful week, everyone! :)


  1. I am SO sorry for your little guy! I didn't know you were from MO. I grew up around Joplin. :)

  2. So sorry to hear that your son has been sick, and hope he continues to feel better. He does look long in that picture... It's sad to see them grow up but also nice to see a growing, happy kid!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that he was sick! I'm glad that he was feeling better. I know that my baby is only 20 months but I already feel so sad about how big and indepedent she is getting. Tear :(.

  4. I'm glad that M is feeling better though I will continue to pray for him. My boys love Bass Pro too. We have one here in our city and they will beg us to go to it.

    I too have been trying to decide when to switch to Preschool Corner instead of Tot School. My preschooler will be four in April! I still can not believe that she will be four! Where does time go?

    Hoping y'all have a blessed week! Adriane

  5. So sorry M was sick. I'll pray that he continues to recover quickly and feels 100% very soon!

  6. aww boo on M being sick! I will certainly be praying for a quick healing! M looks so inquisitive checking out the gumball machine!

  7. Join those of us over at the "dark side...."
    Hope he gets better soon!

  8. Awww, poor M :( Hopefully hes up and running again soon!! And i know, lately Connor has seemed so tall to me too!!

  9. Poor M! I am glad that he is feeling better and very excited that you will join us in Preschool Corner next week :)

  10. Sorry to hear about M! I hope the meds are doing their job. I have always refused to go into Bass Pro or Cabellas. I didnt realize they had animals there! MO is a great state, DS was born there :)

  11. Hope your little guy is feeling better soon! I secretly love Bass Pro Shop =)


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