Thursday, March 11, 2010

Craft Time! Cardboard Tube Crocodile

Crafts are back (somewhat)… yay!  I’ve really missed doing these things with M, we just did SO much when he was younger.  I had something artsy or crafty planned every day after naptime.  Hm.  Come to think of it, I miss naptime too…
We started with a paper towel tube, a toilet paper tube, some zig-zag scissors, green paint, googley eyes, glue, and 4 feet outlined on the back of a cereal box: blog pictures 017

Cut a slit down the side of the t.p. tube, going about halfway down.  Then wrap it around to form a point at the end and tape:croc craft (1)

Put the long tube inside the end of the short tube and tape together:croc craft (3)

I drew a triangle on each side of the other end of the long tube:croc craftAnd then helped M cut along the lines with the zig-zag scissors.  Apparently there is no after picture of this.  The zig zags make it look like crocodile teeth.
Paint it all green:blog pictures 018

Cut out the feet, paint them green too.  Then glue on the googley eyes and let it dry for the rest of the day:blog pictures 019(That’s an old flexible plastic cutting board that we use for messy projects.)      
Then  glue on the feet:blog pictures 021
Look, a crocodile!  Paint the inside of his mouth red and the tiny little teeth white IF you feel up to it.  If not, leave it like ours. ;)
We actually read a book about a crocodile around the same time we did this craft – Lyle, Lyle Crocodile, by Bernard Waber.imageSo, I think this means I can link up to the awesome stART carnival (story + art = stART) at Michelle’s wonderful blog!  Yippee!
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Nicole - how cute is that! What a great idea! I love using tp & pt rolls - we did a tp bumble bee, I will post later. Isn't recycling items great! Great job!

  2. That is a very cool crocodile, and a perfect "boy" craft! :)

  3. This is so adorable! It looks like the alligator in the book An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni. Great job!

  4. Rest time in his room. It's a wonderful thing. But nap time is so much better because they're quiet. Unlike my little girl right now who is screaming at me about something.
    Turned out cute by the way.

  5. I think it came out so cute! My daughter loves cocos as she calls them (from the spanish cocodrilo). And I love reused tube projects, there! I use an old bedsheet for all of our messy projects. Actually I just leave it draped over my daughter's art table.

  6. Love your crocodile - great directional craft and perfect for M who loves to paint. The book looks pretty interesting too.

  7. He looks a lot like Lyle. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. What a great project :) So cute!

  9. Your project is adorable! I love the way you made it from things found around your house that normally get thrown away!


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