Monday, March 22, 2010

The Art Box – March 22, 2010


Whew!  We are home again and slowly getting back to normal.  Our trip to visit my parents began on the 12th and we were back home on the 20th.  My apologies for not responding to emails and comments and those of you who linked up last week… we were cursed with a painfully slow internet connection all week.  I did only what was absolutely necessary online.  Hopefully I will get around to going through a very full inbox sometime this week.  We also brought home some sort of cruddy cold virus, so be patient with me! :)
M colored a lot of pictures for Nama (my mom) and made some collages too, but I just wasn’t up to getting pictures.   I did snap a shot of this cute vase he made: blog pictures 076
And this necklace for Auntie M:blog pictures 081
Link up your Art Box posts below!
Have a beautiful day! :)



  1. Welcome back. We were struggling with a nasty cold here as well last week (fortunately, adults only). I love the vase - very cute.

  2. Glad you're back! I might try and get a post up this afternoon. It's probably even a bit more in the spirit of the Art box than mine usually are. At least it's all traditional art supplies, not food, like last week's........

  3. Sorry to hear you're sick! I also love the vase. What a great idea.

  4. Cute projects! I hope you all start feeling better very soon.

  5. The vase is such a cute idea. My daughter would love to be able to stick stickers on something else! Welcome back.

  6. Hi! The vase is a great idea! I hope you feel better soon! I will join in the art box again next week-not had much chance this week!

  7. That vase is so cute! I hope you guys feel better soon!


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