Monday, March 8, 2010

The Art Box - March 8, 2010


In the Art Box last week: aluminum foil and large window markers; muffin tin with stickers, pom poms, pipecleaners, foam stickers, some sparkly gel pens and some “spiky balls”; a variety of papers, watercolors, scissors, oil pastels, markers, glue.

We tried, once again, crayon resist watercolor painting… this time I had M use the white oil pastel crayon and the results were much easier to see than the last time we tried. I made some designs and he made some and then he painted over them with his watercolor paints. march6 (2) I discovered that giving him a paper towel to wipe his brush on after he dips it in the water helps keep the colors more vibrant for him, which makes them more fun of course.

I put some foam stickers on a cardboard tube for him (sorry this isn’t pictured in the box above… I must’ve snuck it in sometime during the week).mar8 (1) (side one)mar8 (2)(side two)

He rolled it in paint and then made this:mar8 (3)

He worked on painting a passenger car for the train he’s (slowly) been putting together:blog pictures 025

He colored on the foil with some giant window markers he received for Christmas:blog pictures 032

And he made yet another Valentine (evidently he just can’t stop himself), this one’s for Grandpa:march6 (1) Note the “M” at the bottom. :) I love how he’s more into “writing” now instead of just drawing. You can also see some “spiky ball” prints on this. He used the spiky balls (I found them 6 for a dollar at Walmart in the party favors area) by dipping them in water then into his watercolor paints, then dabbing them around on the paper.

The hit of the week was using pipettes to drip liquid watercolors onto papertowels:blog pictures 020blog pictures 024There’s a snake in there, a caterpillar, a hamster at the bottom of the ocean, a duck, and a seahorse. :) Also, a mommy and daddy birdie holding a baby bird in their nest. :)

I made the liquid watercolors with regular tempera paints mixed with liquid starch. You could use water too, but the starch keeps the papertowels from becoming totally soaked, while still spreading out quite a bit.

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Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Wow! You did so much. I had tons of cool things in our Art Box and the kids didn't do much with them. I'll post later today.

  2. I was just about to ask what watercolor you use, but you enlightened me in the end of the post. I love the stories about M's creations, and it's awesome that he loves to paint so much.

  3. You know what we did for organized art last week? Nothing, absolutely nothing. It was so sad.

  4. I've been eyeing those window markers for a while now but I'm not sure my daughter would understand the concept of "you can only write on the windows, not the walls, and only with these markers". But using aluminum foil would be the perfect solution. And I love the homemade stamping roller.

  5. So many great ideas here! Crumpet's still not feeling artsy...

  6. We played with Liquid Watercolors this week too. They are on clearance for $1 for an 8 oz bottle at Discount School Supply this week!!

  7. So much variety in your art box. We've been using pipettes here too and Savvy loves them. That's a great tip about mixing the paint with liquid starch. M's pipette paintings turned out so vibrant, they are beautiful pieces of art.

  8. Upon Our Hearts - I bought them from Amazon (link is here: )
    Although I think you can get them at cake decorating stores, or some places that sell science kits or essential oils. We've used ours a lot and they were definitely worth the $5 I paid for them!


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