Monday, March 29, 2010

The Art Box – March 29, 2010

As many of you know, we rushed home from our trip to visit my parents and ran right into a bout of pneumonia (which thankfully is getting better), and of course I did not give the Art Box a single thought all week.
However, the week we were in Missouri M did ask to paint. His exact words were, “When can I paint? I haven’t painted in So Long.”
So I knew he had art on his mind and wasn’t surprised when he got out the art box from a couple of weeks ago the very evening we came home (before he was too sick). Here’s what he did in that one sitting…
Marble painting:art box 100
Tempera painting (darn it, there was a story that went with this one that I can’t remember!):blog pictures 084
Some marker drawing and stamping - this was a song he wrote:art box 100 (1)
Do-a-Dot painting, “for springtime”:art box 100 (2)
By the way, to do the very cool marble painting, tape a piece of paper (sturdy construction paper or cardstock if you have it) to a pan with a small piece of double stick tape. M used a baby spoon to put globs of paint on the paper, then placed a marble on each glob (yep, technical term). Then he slowly tilted the pan around and watched the marbles make their tracks. Occasionally he stopped to look at it and decide what else it “needed”:
blog pictures 083
He’s done this before with a golf ball, which, incidentally, made very cool tracks, so when I put marbles and a pan in his art box he knew what the idea was. It’s pretty mess-free, but the first time takes a little guidance so the pan doesn’t get tipped completely over. For a toddler, you could use a shoebox and secure the lid on with a couple of rubber bands, let your child shake it up a bit, then look to see the masterpiece inside!
I can’t wait to see the artwork your kids have made! Link up below. :)
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. That first painting is gorgeous! Great art. I didn't know about the pneumonia... glad he is getting better. How awful! Crumpet actually did some art, but we're out of town, I'll try to link up tomorrow...

  2. I've also heard you could do that in a salad spinner, but haven't tried it yet.
    I have a painting/collage I want to put up for art box, but first I want to get Batman's explanation of his materpiece. It's the first piece he's actually wanted to hang up somewhere, so it's up in his room.

  3. This marble painting turned out so very cool and thanks for describing M's technique. He is growing up to be quite a little artist.

  4. I like all his paintings, including the marble painting. I hope he gets feeling better soon!

  5. That is a great idea to secure a box shut and then do the ball painting. My daughter would love that, she loves to shake things. I love how artsy your son is. I can tell he loves to do do art. I think it was on your blog that I read the story where he painted a whole piece of paper with a small brush until his "hand hurt" lol. I'm sorry if it wasn't on your blog that I read that, but I remember that I thought it was so funny.


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