Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tot School – November 29, 2009


This was a pretty light week for us… and we enjoyed it!  We didn’t try to do too much, and just had fun.

Fine Motor Skills

M cut strips of green and red paper with the “zig zag” scissors, then we made a chain of loops and used stickers to close them up:advent paper chain He was very interested in this activity, and caught on to the fact that we were making a pattern.  This was a real breakthrough because in the past he hasn’t gotten the whole *pattern* idea.  I expected lightbulbs to appear over his head and bells to ring, but he just calmly said, “it’s a pattern, we need green next.”  Ha ha, this kid always amazes me and makes me laugh. :)

He spent a LOT of time popping the tiny bubbles on this bubble wrap, such a great activity for strengthening those little fingers:bubble wrap


He put pipe cleaner “branches” into the holes of a salt shaker, then added fall colored leaves (pony beads).  He loved this, and thought it was hilarious to call them branches and leaves.  We got this idea from the Schafer Family blog.pipe cleaners and beads (tree)


And laced up some Autumn themed lacing cards:lacing cards



M used tongs to sort fruit and vegetables from his supply of pretend food:sorting fruits and veggies

And we sorted truck cutouts onto a color wheel:color sorting

Math Skills

We played “store” with M’s pretend food and a cup of pennies.  We both had so much fun with this and M had a smile on his face the whole time.  I don’t know why we haven’t done this sooner.  He told me later in the day, “I had fun playing store with you, Mommy!” :)  We set up his fruit and veggies on the loveseat and he picked the items he wanted and I told him the price.  store It was perfect for counting practice, and when he ran out of money we had a short conversation about why we can’t always have everything we want.  This great idea came from Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns!



We played a sensory game with a few matching pairs of items and a small pillowcase.  One of each pair went into a small container and the other went into the pillowcase.  M had to pick an item from the plastic container, then try to find the matching item in the pillowcase using his sense of touch only.sensory game with pillow case I held the bag for him, but he was on his own here just so I could take a picture. :)  He did great with this and had so much fun we did it again right away.  Here are the items we used:sensory game pennies, pinecones, wooden blocks, megablocks, clothespins, glass pebbles, pipecleaners wound into a circle, craft leaves, and spoons.



Here’s a picture of our finished Thanksgiving tree:blog pics 002

We had so much fun with this and we will definitely be doing it again.  What a great way to list our blessings and what we are thankful for.

We went to our Nature Center again for our weekly class and while there the kids drew pictures of what they are thankful for.  Here’s M’s:nature center thankful for Apples were first on his list, you can see it in the middle.  Other things were his family, building a snowman, and going sledding when it snows.  He had a great time scribbling… I was surprised because he has not shown that much interest in crayons at home.  At the nature center he was still coloring when all the other kids were done!

I printed a turkey out from here, and M painted it with his watercolors, then cut the tail feathers apart:watercolor turkey



M has a tiny teddy bear that he’s been calling “baby” lately.  (He wants us to have a baby so badly!)  He made a little bed and “baby” slept in it:baby bed Then “baby” woke up and wanted to be rocked (someone else wakes up and likes to be rocked sometimes too).rocking baby What a great daddy!! :)  (No, that isn’t quite the same way I rock M!)

For more Tot School posts, go here.

Have a beautiful week! :)


  1. What an absolutely awesome week! I am glad that M loved playing store and thanks for mentioning my blog. I really like the idea of Christmas garland with stickers and of beads as autumn leaves. We will definitely do a garland at some point - thanks for all your great ideas.

  2. What a great week!! I love how he handled the patterns; they trick us sometimes! We did some patterning this week, and it went over well (surprising since Maddie isn't a big pattern fan).

    I need to try some lacing activities. Oh, and I love the sensory game! We've tried before (with just one object and having her use sense of touch to guess what it is) but she refuses to ONLY use touch. Ha!

    Great pics. I can tell you all had a great week!

  3. Another great week. Your Thanksgiving tree looked fabulous. :)

  4. We're going to have to try the paper chain - maybe it will spark some understanding of patterns in Crumpet too! Crumpet has just started playing store on his own - I guess it's time for me to throw money into the mix! Great week. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the idea of sorting fruits and veggies. Going to set that up as a tray for tomorrow. Thanks!


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