Friday, November 20, 2009

Leafy Turkey Craft

blog pics 032
It looks like this will be our one and only turkey craft this year.  M just isn’t into doing crafts with me lately (it’s that darn art box’s fault!).  I think this turkey turned out awfully cute though!
Supplies:blog pics 016
Craft leaves, half a paper plate, scrap red, orange, and brown paper, googley eyes, glue.  Also you’ll need something to stand him up later.  We used an old play-doh cup; you could use a cardboard tube cut in half, or something similar.
First, glue the leaves to the paper plate:blog pics 018
Cut a turkey head shape from brown paper, a waddle from red, and a beak from orange.  Glue on top of the leaves:blog pics 021
After he dried, I used hot glue to attach an old play-doh container to the back of the plate.  Gently form the plate around the container:blog pics 039   When he’s dry, set him up and admire!blog pics 032

Have a beautiful day!  GOBBLE, GOBBLE! :)


  1. My kids aren't that into structured crafts either, and it probably is because I have art supplies that they can use as they wish. I figure they'll do more than enough structured crafts in elementary school.

  2. That turned out so cute. Maybe it's the time of year, because my M refused to do any of the activities I planned this week, and she normally loves crafts!

  3. We have our ups and downs with all structured activities, but in our case Anna opts for toys as alternatives. This turkey is very original - you have great ideas.

  4. I just made a leaf wreath with silk leaves a few days ago. Did you have a hard time getting them to stay glued onto the paper plate? We did. But thankfully somehow they stayed on after they were dry. Your turkey is so cute!!

  5. I love the Turkey. Of course you know that Selena is the opposite of M with art!

    Hey she did use her crayons and made her own hand print yesterday in the living room. Progress I say!

  6. That's cute! M is like that with structured art projects - she wants to do her own thing. C on the other hand prefers structured projects. Which makes doing something with both kids a bit challenging.

  7. Very cute!! Your little boy is adorable :)

  8. Very cute! I think we have those same leaves - thanks for another idea...


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