Saturday, November 28, 2009

Books of the Week

November 28, 2009

Let’s Go Home, Little Bear, by Martin Waddell
imageMartin Waddell has written a whole series of books about Little Bear and Big Bear, and we love them all.  I’m not sure why I haven’t written about them before; they are definitely in our list of  top favorites.  When we picked this one up at the library yet once again, I realized I need to write about this series.
The books usually revolve around some insecurity or fear of Little Bear’s.  Big Bear reassures him and provides comfort and there is always a happy, cozy ending.  In this particular book, Big Bear and Little Bear are walking home through the woods.  Little Bear keeps hearing strange things and Big Bear is right beside him, helping him understand the many sounds of the forest, and providing the security Little Bear needs.  Finally, tired Little Bear gets a piggy back ride back to their cozy cave and falls asleep in the “bear chair” listening to Big Bear tell the story of their adventure that day.  I really recommend these books for any child who might be going through a phase of being afraid or timid.  (We especially loved Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear? when M was going through a phase of being afraid of the dark.)

Another definite favorite this week was Duck and Goose, by Tad Hillsimage This is a cute and funny story of a duck and goose who find a ball and assume it’s an egg.  They fight over whose egg it is going to be and both end up sitting on it waiting for it to hatch.  What started as a rivalry soon ends up as a friendship as the two learn to work together.  Of course a sweet little bluebird comes by and disillusions them about the “egg”, but they are both able to admit their foolishness and enjoy playing with the ball together.  This is a great book to use as a starting point for talking about sharing and cooperating with others.  This is the first Duck and Goose book we’ve read, but apparently there are many more.  We will definitely be checking them out!
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  1. Cute books! :) My daughter loves books with bear characters... Will have to check out the series you've got here.

  2. oh we love Little Bear and Big Bear Too.

  3. Cute books and thanks for linking up! I want to go and find Little Bear/Big Bear next time I am in the library.

  4. I love that Duck and Goose book. I was so excited to find a copy at our library book sale earlier this year! My little guy needs to grow into it, I think, but I love it.

  5. I love Duck and Goose. When we went to Miami when Bear was 18 months, I read it to her at the Borders there. She loved it too.


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