Monday, November 23, 2009

The Art Box MckLinky – Guidelines

Yes, you've already seen this post. :) I'm adding a little bit to it, so I'm re-posting it.

One of our favorite art authors is Mary Ann Kohl. In her book, Scribble Art, she writes the following:

"I like to say, 'Process not Product', which means: the doing, exploring, creating, and attempting of new ideas is more important than the result of your creativity. you may end up with a painting resembling a muddy smear, but if you tried something new, learned something interesting, or discovered how paint acts, then you had a successful art process. The product is not as important.

Think of your art as 'experiments'. Some things will look great and others won't, but what you learn and discover in the process is worth so much more than perfect looking results."
I just want to put out some basic guidelines and I’m open to hearing about anything you think I’m missing.

The MckLinky will be open beginning with the Monday morning post and will close the following Sunday at midnight. I will be posting about what M created the previous week, as this is just easier for me and gives me more time to create a post over the weekend. You may do what works best for you… you can do the same as me, or you can link up your post anytime throughout the week and have it be for what your child made that week, if that is easier for you!

Some basic guidelines for your post:

1. An “art box” is not necessary. If you have a corner that your child uses for art, post about what they made there!

2. Change some of the items you provide for your child on a regular basis, and in your post be sure to list what you gave them! We’ll all get great ideas from each other! I’ll be adding (and subtracting) items on a weekly basis, and I think this will most likely be the best way to keep them interested.

3. Have your art box out all week long, or just one day, or bring it out when your child needs “something to do”… whatever works for you!

4. Let the art be completely child-directed. Let them know that this is for them to do whatever they want to do. I encouraged M to look through his art box and see all the neat things that were in there. Be very positive and encouraging. I also tell M that if there’s anything he needs for a project that he doesn’t see in his box, to ask me and I will supply it for him if we have it.

5. Take pictures and let us ooh and aah over what they’ve done! M loves to see his artwork published on the blog!

6. Please link your post (not your main blog page) to the MckLinky, and link back to this site somewhere in your post. I made a new button and it is below if you would like to include it. :)

7. I'm OK with an occasional craft, if say, you found a cheap one somewhere and it's something your little artist can do independently and would be a nice little surprise in their art box. (And yes, I'm adding this because I did find some things like this that I think will really be fun for M to find once in a while). Let's say no more than one per week. And, again, it should be something they can do by themselves and add their own touch to.

{A tip that has worked for us… praise the finished artwork (within reason). Make a big deal over it and say things like, “you must be so proud of that! It’s so unique!” Hee hee, they love hearing new, big words associated with something they’ve done. This really is encouragement for next time around, for those little ones that need it!}

It’s been suggested that maybe a name other than “The Art Box” could be used in order to highlight the idea that it’s child-directed art. Any suggestions? Honestly, The Art Box is what I hear in my head, simply because that’s what we call it, and I’m having trouble coming up with something else that’s kind of catchy too. So, help me out… let me know if you have any ideas!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. "My Child's Art Box" I don't know I am terrible with coming up with names.

    Having a set up art area like this is on my list, but it won't be for awhile. I will be following your linky's though so I can grab all of those fab ideas.

    Hopefully I'll join in soon too.

  2. I love the idea. I will post when I can, but Selena truly is not a self motivated artist. I don't care how many art supplies I make available to her,without direction she gets frustrated and creates nothing. She is very simple minded where art is concerned. As was I when I was younger, but like Selena I always had fun when someone directed me with it.

  3. Here's my 2 cents: I like "The Art Box". It's easy and says what it is - no need to make it all fancy. :)

  4. I like "The Art Box" too. I am so excited about this. My five year old loves to spend time at our art table and I would love the chance to document her creations. this will give me the nudge that I need remember to add new materials. Thanks!

  5. I really like this idea and plan to participate after our vacation. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does this week!


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