Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Tree

I just wanted share what our little Thanksgiving Tree is beginning to look like.

I cut some leaves from pretty autumn-themed scrapbook paper:blog pics 027

We each wrote down something we are thankful for on a leaf (well, M dictated his - “balloons and the sky”) and tacked them to the felt tree:blog pics 061

We will do this every evening until next Wednesday.  I think it will look so pretty by Thanksgiving!  I hope we’ll continue to do this every year, what a nice tradition. :)

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I know it will look beautiful when it is finished.

    You have encouraged me to make one for Selena next year!

  2. It looks very pretty - great idea to use different colors for different people.

  3. I hope to make one of these next yr. We have a cork board that it would work perfect on. Now all I have to do is find 1/2 price paper after Thanksgiving and then remember that I have it. A whole yr is hard for this tired brain to remember. You may have to remind me. :)

    And the different color paper for each person comment is a great idea.

    HAve an awesome one!

  4. Hi Nicole

    Your tree certainly will look gorgeous by Thanksgiving. I think the leaves will make such a lovely keepsake for your family.

    I am loving the information you have been sharing from the book by Michael Gurian. Understanding how the brain works is the key to achieving success.

  5. Wow! This tree is beautiful. I love the leaf patterns--I think we will try this for next year.

  6. So cute! it looks great! You have the best ideas!


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