Monday, April 5, 2010

The Art Box – April 5, 2010

art box apr5 (4)
In the Art Box last week:  Easter cardstock shapes, glitter, pom-poms, buttons, markers, paints, glue, glitter pens, foam, watercolor paints, various papers, dot painters, markers.

M saw the glitter right away and was beside himself with joy.  Why does something super-fun have to equal super-messy?   We are still finding glitter everywhere.  I put the Easter shapes on an old pan to lessen the mess (or so I thought), and he started with the glue and glitterized them. :)  art box apr5 (8)
I had included other things that I hoped he would also use to decorate these, but he was only interested in the glitter.  As you can see, one lucky bunny did get a pom-pom tail. :)  I punched holes in these and made a garland for his bedroom door:blog pictures 001

I found a pack of small glitter pens in the Target dollar spot a few weeks ago and he loves them.  (I secretly can’t wait till he’s a teenager and I can tell his girlfriends how he loves sparkly, pretty things. Hee hee.)  An added bonus – they are scented!  Mmmm… very yummy!  He made very detailed pictures and every little thing was intentional and had a name.  I’m really finding this drawing phase quite interesting.  There were around 10 papers, all very similar to this one:art box apr5 (15)

And here’s an easel drawing… a spider web!art box apr5 (1)

He loves cutting foam, but he knows tiny pieces of it lying around drive me nuts, so he half-heartedly made these collages:art box apr5 (11)

He found a rock outside one day and had to paint it (it’s on wax paper):art box apr5 (13)

He’s taken to painting pictures from coloring books lately.  I hope this doesn’t mean the end of his free-art paintings that I just adore!  He was very proud of these though:blog pictures 038

Halfway through the week I added small trucks and some dinosaurs to his box and he loved using them to make tracks:blog pictures 042art box apr5 (12)art box apr5 (14)
Have some children’s artwork you’d like to share?  Link it up below, and make sure to include a link back here in your blog post! 

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Wow - M is really churning out some beautiful artwork for you!! Love the glittery banner and the sweet little rock. :)


  2. And now you see why my kids have never done glitter. I can just imagine the mess they'd make. They've done glitter glue......
    My kids are trying to convince me we need to paint every single one of their toys....... muck like the rock M painted.

  3. I always love to see what M is up to. I have to admit that I am a total glitter-phobe, but I am glad that Anna gets to experiment with glitter in school. Too bad we missed those glitter pens - Anna would have enjoyed them too. She also likes to draw elaborate pictures with explanations for everything, and I love to hear her narrative as she draws them.

  4. Your "Art Box" idea is really cool. I searched back through your blog archives, and found your first post on this (from November '09), and am going to use it as a starting point to create something similar for my son, who is 2 and a bit. We have a small plastic drawer unit in our office for his art supplies, but it never occurred to me to rotate through the supplies. I'll be reading through your archives more later. Thanks for posting!


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