Monday, April 19, 2010

The Art Box – no box week

The Art Box actually did come back out this week… because M was asking for it.  Thank goodness!  But he did so much non-box art this week, that I’ll save the rest for another post.
M’s Grandpa turned 76 last week and there was a small party for family.  M asked me that morning who was going to be there, then he proceeded to create a piece of art for each one.  And, amazingly enough, he remembered who was to get which one.  Ever since Valentine’s Day he’s really, really, seriously, been into creating little things for other people.  I LOVE it! :)
Most of these were drawings with sparkly pens, but there’s a watercolor painting in there too, and some marker drawings too.
Later in the week, we were still playing the “there’s nothing to do” whining game, and I suggested painting.  Like in the old days before the Art Box kind-of-painting. :)  So I put a large piece of freezer paper down, some fun painting utensils, and a plate with paints neatly arranged… and this is what happened:blog pictures 049

And I thought he was past the mixing it all together stage!  Apparently not! :)  He had a ton of fun doing this; I have to make sure we do it more often.

He created this masterpiece:blog pictures 052

And this one, which is a row of sheep on a hill, or a caterpillar in grass (see the cotton balls along the top?):blog pictures 053

Have some children’s artwork you’d like to share?  Link it up below, and make sure to include a link back here in your blog post! 

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. What a sweet, sweet boy to make gifts for everyone!

  2. I don't think they ever really outgrow this stage, because mine still do it, sadly.

  3. aww love that he made everyone one! I also love the sheep painting!

  4. He seems like such an imaginative boy! I always enjoy looking at the art that he comes up with each week. I have been reading a few books about doing art with your children. I was wondering if you have read any that you suggest? Or do you just get most of your ideas on the internet? Thanks a bunch!

  5. April, I've found a lot of good ideas in MaryAnn Kohl's book Scribble Art - you might find it under the title Scribble Cookies too. She has a lot of other books, I recommend looking through all of them that you can find. This particular book stresses *process, not product* which is right in line with my own feelings about art with small children. She gives a lot of good suggestions and from there it's easy to get your own ideas flowing (if that makes sense!). Sometimes inspiration comes just from looking through our craft supplies and recycling box. Hope that helps! :) Thanks for your nice comment, you know I always enjoy hearing from you!

  6. These are great! I've been having a tough time getting my kids to do Art Box stuff these past couple weeks. But they have done a lot of artwork; I just haven't photographed it and put it up yet. Maybe I will this week at some point, and I'll link up again! One of these days...

  7. How neat it is that M created special art for everyone - he seems like such a thoughtful boy. And we never seem to go far beyond color mixing phase in painting - all our paintings eventually end up mixed :)

  8. This isn't a comment on this post, but I wanted to be sure to stop by and say thank you for sharing your printables. I made the Bob the Builder sorting cards last night and we played with them today. Mike still has a ways to go, but he really liked them.

    Oh, and you would appreciate this... Yesterday there were construction vehicles parked outside our church. I told Mike that they might be Bob the Builder's, and he had better pay attention during mass in case we saw Bob. (I did feel a bit guilty). Of course, during mass, he repeatedly asked where Bob the Builder was, and I had to explain to the people behind us who he was talking about.

    Also, thank you for your kind comments on my blog. You are so encouraging. It is also encouraging to hear that your M went through the same "too tired" phase as my M.


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