Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Growing a Garden of Gratitude

blooming flowers (6) 

My friend Kim has been writing lists of things for which she is grateful, and I always feel inspired by her posts.  I find my attitude changing… no longer focused on the micro, but on the macro… regardless of how a day is going or how tired or frustrated or discouraged I feel, I know that I am grateful for this life and the many, many blessings I’ve been given. Thank you, Kim for your beautiful posts! ;)

I’m hoping to keep this list going, and plan on posting it a couple of times a month.

I am grateful for…

  1. Lilacs bloomingblooming flowers (5)
  2. Bleeding Hearts bloomingblooming flowers (8)
  3. Virginia Bluebells bloomingblooming flowers (13)
  4. Lilies of the Valley blooming (and smelling delicious)blooming flowers (1)
  5. A happy boy with dirty face and hands (the dirtier, the happier, it seems).
  6. Being able to stay home and spend my days with my favorite little person in the world.
  7. My husband’s job, and his hard work there.
  8. My little home.
  9. Good friends that go check on our house, unasked, after a tornado, when we are out of town (such good friends).
  10. That my son has a tender heart, and feels ok crying over a favorite tree coming down in said tornado.tornado damage (1) tornado damage (7)
  11. That the tree landed on our doorstep, and not on our house!tornado damage (3)
  12. My steam mop.
  13. Supportive girlfriends.
  14. Supportive bloggy-friends.
  15. My sister’s fiance, a really wonderful guy (who was homeschooled, I might add ;) ).
  16. People who listen without judging.
  17. Toys lying around outside, making our lawn look messy colorful.
  18. Back rubs.
  19. Cupboard doors and walls full of colorful artwork.
  20. Coffee on quiet mornings.
  21. Dandelion bouquets and the kisses and love that come with them.
  22. Our wonderful neighbors.
  23. Spring breezes and open windows.
  24. Plenty of food in the fridge and pantry.
  25. Michael’s coupons. ;)


Here are a couple of photos of the fallen tree, in case anyone is interested in seeing just how tall this baby was.

tornado damage (5) Bottom half of tree

tornado damage (6) Top half of tree

This was the same tornado that went through North Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon.  It kept going north and went through our little suburb.  Homes a mere 400 yards away were damaged pretty badly.  We were fortunate that only one tree came down, and our home was undamaged.  We had shingles and insulation in our yard (along with lots of debris from trees) that came from who knows where.  My heart goes out to all the people in Joplin, MO (a town I’m familiar with) and the other areas that have been so devastated, and our prayers are with them.


  1. What a beautiful gratitude list, and photos! How lucky for you that the tree didn't do more damage...definitely something to be grateful for :)

  2. Glad you guys are okay, and that that tree didn't hit the house!

  3. Oh, I'm so excited you've started your list! First and foremost, I am so glad that the tornado,and the tree, missed your home... Phew, this has been a scary year. I love M's teary face, but it made me tear up too. Such a sweet boy!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE lilacs more than anything in the world and haven't seen any in a few years (it's too hot in Ga, but we tried to grow one! and they don't like Hawaii) so thank you for your beautiful pics. And I love my steam mop too! Beautiful post!

  4. Beautiful! What a big heart that sweet little boy has.


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