Monday, May 2, 2011

Craft Time – Pretty Patterns for Mother’s Day

heart cut out

Wow, can you believe Mother’s Day is just a few days away? 

Over the weekend we made some cute flower magnets for M’s grandmothers. 

This craft was inspired one Sunday morning at IHOP (International House of Pancakes – yum, yum, yum!).  On the walls, there were framed papers, with egg-shapes cut from them, and patterned paper underneath, making pretty Easter eggs. 

With quick help from photo-shop, here’s an idea of what they looked like:exampleAnyway, I really loved these, and tucked the idea into that little craft area of my brain.  When I saw a pack of pretty spring-themed scrapbooking paper at Target for 50 cents, I knew just what we would do with it.

However, it all turned out differently than the plan in my mind.  Doing the cut-out presented more of a challenge for M than I expected, and it looked more like a card than a piece of artwork.  We will probably do something along those lines sometime, but for now we modified the plans as follows…

Supplies:supplies White cardstock, colored cardstock (we used yellow), marker, something to make a large circle and a small circle (lids), simple cardstock flower template, foam sheets or scraps, scissors, glue on a saucer, small paint roller, patterned paper cut into squares or small rectangles.  There was no measuring for this – I just snipped a few strips of paper into pieces.  If you want to make these into magnets, you’ll need magnets too.  I usually have a roll of magnetic tape from Walmart on hand.

Pour some glue onto your saucer, water it down a tiny bit, then use the roller to cover your white cardstock with a thin layer of glue:roll the glue onto the paper

Then, begin covering the cardstock with pieces of patterned papers; some will need to overlap in order to completely cover the paper:
cover with patterned paper scraps                        look at those sweet baby hands!

continue gluing on paper 

Once your cardstock is covered, roll another layer of glue on top:roll more glue over the entire thing 

While that’s drying, draw one large circle for each flower you are making on your colored cardstock, and cut them out:cut out circles (M has 4 pairs of scissors, but couldn’t find any of them, and was allowed to use my sharp ones under close supervision.)

Draw small circles on foam (M picked pink) and cut them out too:cut out more circles 

Once your paper-covered cardstock is dry, use a template, or freehand draw two simple flowers:flower outlines 

Cut them out. You will need the sharp scissors for this:cut out flowers

Dot some glue in the center of a large circle:glue flower to circle

Pop on a cut out flower, dot it with glue in the center:glue foam circle to flower

And stick on a foam circle: almost finished

We trimmed the yellow circles a little bit, and put magnets on the back, and now we have pretty magnets for Grandma’s and Nama’s refrigerators. :)  finished flower #1   finished flower #2 I love the variety of textures used on these (see the glitter and glossy spots?)!  Using fabric scraps instead of scrapbooking paper could add even more texture!


Some other ideas for Mother’s Day…

Paper plate and tissue paper flower suncatchers:flower suncatcher

Foam mosaic flowers (or any shape mama likes):foam flower mosaic magnet M made these for Easter when he was 2 years old (pre-blog).  I cut the cross and flower out, gave him scissors and strips of foam to cut the tiles, and he glued them on.  I still love these.  I put a little magnet on the back and they’ve been on our fridge ever since.  It would be fun to revisit this project now that he’s twice as old. :)  I think these would be perfect for Mother’s Day too!  And super-easy for just about any child to do.

I’m linking this up to Kids Get Crafty!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. What a great craft! I love that he was able to do the whole thing himself!

  2. I love the idea of using the roller - great way to spread the glue without getting your fingers messy! And you final flower is VERY PRETTY! I love it :-)

    Thanks again for stopping by at Kids Get Crafty!


  3. I like that the project was fully executed by M - great multi-step work!

  4. I also love the roller idea!
    And these flower magnets are so lovely gifts :)


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