Monday, May 16, 2011

Art Time – Self Portrait Collage

Close up of eyes.M’s crazy eyes.  In real life, they normally
look in the same direction. ;)
I loved this post over at Red Ted Art’s Blog about creating self-portraits.  I knew we’d have to try this, and was intrigued to see how M’s self-portrayal would change when he really examined himself in a mirror.

We decided to do a collage, but I’d like to re-visit this idea using paint or pencils.

There aren’t a lot of pictures to share because I was very involved in this art project, reminding M to look at his face, see how each feature looked, and helping him think of how to present that in his collage.

Here’s what we started with:self portrait collage (1)A variety of colored paper, pencil, scissors, glue, mirror.

M wanted to do the eyes first, and reminded me that we needed black and white paper too, which I thought was very observant.  So off I went to get the black and white paper.

M has hazel eyes, and chose green for his collage eyes.  We talked a bit about the “iris” and the “pupil” a bit as he cut.  I have to say I did draw some of the smaller shapes for M to cut out, per his request.  He used a hole punch for the pupils.

He loves the hole puncher, and used it to make teeth too. It was taking too much work on my part to convince him that his teeth aren’t little white circles. :)

I also thought it was interesting that he saw his hair as light brown.  We get remarks about his blonde hair all the time, but I think being inside so much during the winter did cause it to darken a tiny bit.  He finally decided to use brown and then cut tiny yellow hairs to add to it (like highlights, hee hee).

The finished self-portrait:self portrait collage (2)He was really tickled with himself when he added what he called a “snowman nose” to his face.  Goofy kid.

Not half as adorable as the real thing, but he was pretty proud of it!

I’m linking this up to Kids Get Crafty!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. How creative! The circle teeth works and I love the highlights!

  2. What a wonderful job! I love the snowman nose.

  3. I love his hole punch teeth. Great project!!

  4. It came out really well, We'll have a go too soon!

  5. Your final craft looks fabulous! Came out really well.. and is a great way to explore faces with young children! Love it!!!

    Thank for sharing on Kids Get Crafty! Much appreciate your visit!



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